Best oil for 2000 Trooper 3.5

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Jan 18, 2004
Shelby, NC
Its time to change the 5w-30 dino in the Trooper. It has 58k on it and uses 1qt per 3k miles OCI. I have used M1 5w-30 and 10w-30, as well as current Valvoline All Climate 5w-30. What would be the best oil for this motor that would help the usage w/o hurting mpg or cold start?
I used 10W-30 Mobil1 in my 01 Trooper but for the last year I've been using 5W/10W-30 Chevron Supreme with great results and oil consumption of 1/4qt per 3kmi. These trucks drink oil but with regular maintenance will easily break 200k+ miles.
I'm currently running havoline 5w-30 in my 2002 rodeo 3.2L. Easy cold starts in our neg temps as of late, good MPG's, no noticable consumption @ about 1500mi, and the havoline keeps the valvetrain noise down. Ncirish- at 58Kmi, be sure to spray out your EGR & PCV plumbing + clean around your throttle plate. Gunked up EGR and/or PCV will DRASTICALLY increase oil use in these engines [Eek!] . G/luck Joel
I'd try running a 5w-40/10w-40 engine oil with a high temp/high shear viscosity of at least 4.0 Cp. This new 5w-40, Mobil 1, or the Amsoil 10w-40 would be worth a try here .... Tooslick Dixie Synthetics
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