best method for thickening Chevron 10/30 a bit???

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
Hi all, I'm running Chevron supr.10/30 in my Ford 4.6L right now(in Arx rinse phase), and I'd like to keep using it also when it gets warmer, and in summer. For this, I really would like to thicken it up a bit...say somewhere around 12cSt@100 or so...somewhere between a 10/30 and a 10/40. What would be the best Chevron oil to use for this? Chevr.10/40? or Delo400 15/40?(those are the only Chevron products I can find in Walmart) What would be a good ratio to mix?(capacity with filter is 5.5 qts) Also, are there any other (dino)10/30 oils which offer better "thickening-up" or mixing possibilities? (..I can get Pennzoil dino 10/30, 10/40, 20/50 and LL-15/40 at Wally, also Pennz.HM 10/30 and 10/40) Any suggestions/ideas are thankfully welcome.
I have a UOA that I just posted using Delo 400 with Chevron Supreme. I suggest 2qts Delo 400 15w-40 and 3 quarts 10w-30 Chevron Supreme.
It was posted at this site last month that mixing two oils of different viscosity results in a viscosity lower than the arithmetic mean. So perhaps you want to mix a larger quantity of the xw-40 (say 3.5 qts) oil into a smaller quantity of the xw-30 (say 2 qts). That might get you pretty close to right between a 30 and a 40.
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