Best Jeep 2.5L Oil

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Aug 7, 2004
I have heard lots of you guys putting 5w40 in your jeep but I just can't get myself to put that "thick" stuff in my little 4 banger. I have been using mobil 1 but I am thinking of switching to Amsoil 10w30. I would love to put the rotella 5w40 in but it jsut doesn't seem right. My question is this, when you talk of extended drain intervals do you use the same filter for the entire 6k-10k?
does synthetic oil not get as dirty as Dino? why can a filter last for 6k on syn and only 3k for dino?
Well..if the engine is dirty, synthetic will clean up the engine some. So a filter may not even last as long with synthetic. But that would be extreme. There really shouldn't be much difference with synthetic or dyno oil unless the dino oil breaks down. In that case there will be more junk in the oil and the dino won't last as long. But again this is probably rare.
I use Schaeffer's PAO Blend oils and go on a change at 6 months or 7,000 miles interval. During the summer I run 15W-40 and winter 10W-30 or a 10W-30 @ 15W-40 mix. My 2000 2.5L runs great on either, very smooth and no noticeable loss of power or MPG with the 15W-40. I will be posting a UOA of this current run with 15W-40 which will have around 6500 miles on it.
BTW I think the Amsoil 10W-30 or Rotella 5W-40 would be fine for the engine. Might also want to think about the M1 5W-40 Truck @ SUV oil.
What is wrong with 5w40? When it is cold it is 5 weight oil and when it is hot it is 40 weight oil. A hot 40 weight is hardly "thick stuff".

Any good synthetic 5w40 would do a great job for you.
Your 2.5 is just a 4.0 with two cylinders shave off. The thing will do just fine with a 5w-40. My 02 2.5 has been on 5w-40 synth since around 3k. I just used my wrench's Perzoil for the first few changes and then used Delvac 1 when I did the wife's 4.0 change over. Now I'm into Agip for a tad (I've never seen a clearer oil)..and eventually think I'm going with Rotella synth due to the excellent price/value.

You'll suffer no ill effects from using a 5w-40. You own a jeep any delusions of fuel economy are already dispelled.

I change mine at about 6 months ..which is about when it dips below FULL on the dipstick ..about 6 or 7k miles for me.
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