Best grocery store coffee?

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Dec 4, 2004
I've finally gotten to the point where I can't drink the swamp water they call coffee at my work so I bring my own. What is everyone's favorite grocery store brand of coffee? I've been buying Eight O Clock whole bean. For $3.55 it's pretty good.
My favorites: Grocery store: Starbucks Colombia, Sumatra, & House Blend Seattle's Best Colombian & House blend ^All these go for around $8-9 for a 12 oz. bag. Costco: (Best Value) Kirkland 100% Colombian, in the 3lb. can - $6.99 Kirklan House Blend whole bean roasted by Starbucks, comes in a clear plastic bag. Of all the above, my favorite is the Kirkland Colombian. For the price, the flavor simply can not be beat.
Eight O' Clock, IMHO, is by far the best coffee (whole bean) you can buy at a grocer. Everytime I try Starbucks (regular or Colombian), it tastes "overdone", for lack of a better word.
They all su¢k except for Trader Joes. If you really enjoy good coffee, none of those store brands are good and you can't use a cheezy Mr. Coffee and expect a good cup. If you are going to slam me and call me names, that's fine. I just happen to enjoy a really good & strong cup of coffee, and one needs good beans and a good machine to get that. I use a La Pavoni press and Peet's coffee. If I'm not near a Peet's, I get Trader Joes or Starbucks in a pinch. It's just like oil I suppose - I don't mind spending the money on the good stuff. [Smile] Scott
we have been using the 8 o'clock as the reg house coffee as well. like it. we gete the sulawesi or yukon blend as starbucks once in a while. we used to drink chock full o' nuts, but the eight o'clock seems smoother to us anyway
I prefer Kirkland French Roast, ground fine. The grind is very important, as is using filtered water. Try it with Internationl French Vanilla and it's hard to beat.
And here I thought my plain old Yuban or MH 100% Columbian was good! Just keep the pot & basket clean, use good water, & keep life simple. It's amazing what that will do for just about any coffee. [Wink] I went through the grind your own business years ago, & gave it up pretty quick. For me, it was too much time & expense for too little gain. And compared to most of what I tried, I actually preferred the plain canned 100% Columbian coffee.
My Friends, They are all very good and I like to change brand from time to time. I'll blend a little KONA Coffee with my Maxwell House or Folgers, for that change of pace. My observation is that the quality of the H2O, has more negative effect than anything other than the freshness of the grind. What Water does your coffee taste the best with? Tap, bottled, rainwater? This may be changing the topic a bit, but I think it is relaventant and important to that great cup of coffee that we all enjoy. [Coffee] As an aside, I like Greek Coffee or Turkish. Half the demitasse is MUD and can be very sweet if made that way. Papagallo Brand, a Parrott on the bag, is what I buy at the store. Very Strong! It will open your eyes... [Eek!]
Pastmaster: If I'm at my dad's place in WI, we use his well-water which frankly, can't be beat! When I'm in Cali (my home) I use Arrowhead bottled...still good. And yes, water IS important, but it can't make up for crap coffee [Smile] Scott
Community Coffee (New Orleans, LA) New Orleans Blend Coffee and Chicory®-coffee-and-chicory/ Had a college girlfriend from New Orleans introduce me to great places like Tipitina's, the Camellia Grill, and Community Coffee. A pound of this lasts longer than a 3-lb tin of the big brands, tastes far better, and doesn't turn your stomach upside down. I use a bit of whole milk and cane sugar with it. Well worth your $$ Review from website (true of about every Louisianan I've known from south of the "Chicory Line"): "I have been a coffee lover for most of my life. I grew up in Southwest Louisiana. My parents drank Community coffe, exclusively. I remember being a little kid, on Saturday mornings my dad would make us all tall glasses of coffee milk using Community Coffee. As I got older I grew to truly love coffee. It was a staple in every cajun household we went to. You couldn't go and visit without sitting around the kitchen table enjoying a pot of Community Coffee. Now I am in Oklahoma and have really grown to miss having ready access to my favorite coffee...I am so glad that you can order it online now. I love the New Orleans Blend. It is by far the only coffee that I want to drink. Thanks Community, for letting us misplaced Cajuns get access to the greatest coffee ever made!" (We have an AQUASANA sink-mount water dispenser with dual-cartridge filtrarion; great for all cooking, not just coffee. Making sausage/srimp gumbo tomorrow). [ March 16, 2006, 02:34 AM: Message edited by: TheTanSedan ]
Kirkland Signature House Blend (whole bean)- love it. Seattle Mountain Coffee Sumatra blend was really good, used to buy it at Costco but now they carry only their Ethiopian blend which I've never tried.
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