Best Gasoline. where you buy?

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Nov 2, 2005
ok i'm curious as to where all you guys buy your fuel and which company has the best gas. I myself have been very successful with Kwik Trip, for one reason being that they haven't converted to the full Ethanol Blends of fuel, i use regular 87 without Ethanol.
I use 89 (no ethanol here in E.KY). I mainly use Citgo,ExXon,and the occasional stop at a place called fill zone. Gas prices have come down but it still hurts [Freak]
Shell, Diamond Shamrock, Phillips 66 - 87 octane. Tried to go cheap by using King Sooper's (major grocery chain store) gas - won't do that again.
Conoco/Phillips BP Chevron Valero I get the best results with these brands. It seems Phillips 66 has slipped in quality somewhat lately, or at the least the one where I fill up the most. My vehicles run good on Chevron, but the mileage never is that great.
I buy my gas at the grocery store where I work. The jobber sends us whatever brand he could get the cheapest that day and I've never had a problem. I think the fact that our tanks and pumps are in good shape along with regular pump filter changes are more important than brand.
I use mostly Chevron - it is the only station within 10 miles of me. I too feel the engine runs fine using the 87 oct. in my Honda but gas mileage seems to be a tad better whenever I fill up with Shell. In any event, I use FP60 with every tank no matter what gas I buy.
I've always been told chevron gasoline is the best, I know that it's supposed to contain "techron" as one of it's additives.
Its not a required to contain ethanol to be a Top Tier gas. The base fuel that the tested fuel is compared to in the Top Tier test has between 8% & 10% ethanol, not the tested fuel.
Trooper 99: Please check your owner's manual for octane requirement. Typically, if an engine is running properly, it should not knock on the recommended gasoline. However, there are some exceptions: 1. Bad gas; sometimes (witness the problems in Atlanta with lead in unleaded gas) a gas station will get a bad load or, even worse, will sell bad quality gas purposefully. 2. Age of the engine; it used to be that octane requirement rose as an engine accumulated miles, usually due to carbon build-up in the combustion chamber. I don't know whether this is still a huge issue because of the improvements in detergent additives. 3. Changes in formulation; in some parts of the country, the gas is reformulated for the weather (i.e. winter blends, summer blends etc.) 4. Super heavy loads and really hot weather; this is can cause an engine to run hotter and low octane fuel can occasionally cause knock. Hope this helps.
The quality and chemical make-up of gasoline vary regionally, so it is difficult to make one blanket statement regarding which one is "best". In my two Hondas, I have noticed very little difference between brands. But if I were to guess, it looks like I get slightly better mileage on Shell 87 than the other regulars.
Are you guys talking about just mileage when comparing gas? Not sure, but my truck seems to have much more gas knock with some gas than other. Higher octane seems to mostly cure it, but 92 octane at Exxon last week also knocked. I'm running techron cleaner right now to see if that helps some. I may also try the 'water spray' cc cleaning trick to see if that helps. Does some brands 'knock' less than others?
I also doubt that the Top Tier Gas here is 8.0 to 10 percent ethanol i notice that if i fill up with 87 Ethanol blend my mileage drops like a rock compared to if i were to fill up with Reg 87 at Kwik that isn't labeled Ethanol Blend. the only grade of Gas at Kwik Trip in this town is the 89 which happens to be the same price as 87 i use 87 because thats what my vehicle was designed to use.
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