Best for 96 Camaro SS ??

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Check out Patman's UOA on GC. It is the best UOA I have seen on a GEN 2 LT-1.
Oops, I answered your question in the other post before I saw this one.

I've gotten excellent results in my LT1 Firebird using German Castrol Syntec 0w30, along with a K&N HP3002 oil filter.

The LT1 likes an oil that is a thick 30wt to low 40wt oil, so other good choices would be Mobil 1 0w40, Amsoil 5w30 or Royal Purple Racing 41. Redline 5w30 would probably also do well. Schaeffer 15w40 has also shown excellent results in an LT1.

Mobil 1 5w30 and 10w30 don't tend to do so well in this older style Chevy small block.
What about a high HP 2001 LS1? 525 Flywheel hp. What is the longer K&N oil filter part number and is there an AC Delco long oil filter that can be used on the LS1, very tight under there with long tube headers. Just had heads and cam done so I want to do a few short drain intervals to flush things out, a Delco filter would be cheaper for the short runs then I'll use a K&N. Any suggestions?


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What about a high HP 2001 LS1? 525 Flywheel hp.


These oils I recommended would also work well for you, but if you do any kind of road racing with that engine and don't have an oil cooler, you'd want to lean towards the thicker oils, something like Redline 10w40, Amsoil 10w40, M1 0w40, or RP Racing 41.

No matter what oil you choose, I highly recommend getting it analyzed at the end of your interval with it, to make sure you've chosen a good oil for your driving habits.

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Ryan, I know this is off topic, but is there any chance while doing your head change that you could measure your LS1s bore diameters? I'm really curious if the bores spec to GMs shop manual specs. Unfortunately I have no plans to take the heads off my LS1 anytime soon.
MB289..... No problem. I have very good set of dial calipers that will do the job fine. I'll get back to you here in a few days.
The PF59 is the AC longer filter for the LS1. K@N is HP2006. Wix is 51522. Ahh another HC LS1 here! What cam and heads are you running? My stage II heads are on their way now and I should be installing them next week sometime.
Thanks Ryan. I've heard some on stating they got new engines because the bores were as large as 3.90"... which is way too big!
I don't have a UOA yet but sofar I really like Rotella T synthetic 5w40 in my LT1, really quieted down the roller rockers, I imagine a totally stock engine would be exeptionally quiet. Be another month before I have any hard date.
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