best fluids for modded corvette?

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Apr 10, 2009
midland tx
excuse the lowercase, i broke my right hand. i have a c6 with a forged 402 stroker and am about to add a 100 shot of nitrous too. need my trans (6 speed) and rearend to hold up. i have royal purple syncromesh in the trans now and amsoil max gear in the rear. ive heard a lot of good things about redline but im not sure. any ideas or suggestions?
I have a 408 forged Stroker in my 04 GTO. In the past used RP as you do today. Wasn't pleased with the gear wear at all. Switched to RedLine 75-140 after rear end rebuild and today the gears still look new. Very little wear. I am putting down a tad over 600 to the wheels.
Have you done anything to rebuild & strenghten your rear end other than add Amsoil Max Gear? The reason that I ask is all my Corvette C6 drag racer buddies eventually break their rear end over time with just a stock engine. As built, the read end is very strong, but not strong enough to take repeated shots of nitrous especially at the level you specified nor the hammering of 3K RPM launches.

Redline Oil offers their Shockproof gear oils to reduce the shock transmitted to the gears during extreme motorsports. I/ve used successfully in my road race and auto-x vehicles over the years.
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It is all a question of torque. Trannies and rear ends are rated for a certain maximum torque load. Exceed the rating and you risk something breaking. Lube oil can't save you from that.

I'm in the same boat, sort of. I have an old 88 IROC that I want to restore and beef up. It has the stock T5 tranny which is rated at 300 ft-lbs of torque. The stock LB9 motor puts out 290 ft-lbs. If I replace the 305 with a 350, or do any mods to the 305, it will go over 300 ft-lbs and the tranny will be in danger of failure if I open the throttle wide. I'm faced with retrofitting in a T56 which is rated 450 ft-lbs, or a Tremec which can handle 500 ft-lbs.

For your hypoid rear end, I'd look at a cocktail of redline 75W90 plus some lightweight shockproof mixed in.

Have you considered the universal joints?

What clutch are you running? Centerforce dual-friction?
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