Best dino oil for Auto-Rx rinsing cycle?

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Nov 15, 2003
Is it better to use high detergent oil in the rinsing cycle, or does it matter? I am thinking of using 5W-30 grade oil. Any brand recommendation? Thanks.
JS- Formula Shell is supposed to have good cleaning abilities, heard it recommended w/ARX before. I would consider a hi-mi oil (Pennzoil HMV) with esters that will have it's own cleaning abilities derived from the esters and will be compatable with the ARX, which I believe is ester-based.
Originally posted by jsharp: I think Frank and Mola have both mentioned to stay away from oils that contain esters during the rinse cycle...
Yes, both during and immediately after the Auto-rx treatment, you want to be using an oil without esters in it. Then after the rinse cycle, go back to whatever oil you want.
John. I am planning on using Delo 400 for my rinse cycle. It is very high on cleanning addtives and is dino so it has no esters. It may not be the best weight for your area as it is a 15w-40 oil.
Sorry, did not know about the ester ban. Figured it would make a good thing better. [I dont know]
I am following the app instruction. I now know to stay away from ester rich oil. The question is, should I use high detergent oil? Any particular recommendation for low ester, high detergent oil? Thanks.
I'll be using Castrol Formula R 5W30 'syn' that has zero PAO or ester as a rinse oil. Downside is you still get the Castrol 'syn' ripoff pricing but as it the last RX rinse for me I can handle that.
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