Best Dino Oil Chevron Supreme?

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Dec 3, 2003
Sorry but I am new to site. I use M1 in my 383 LT1 but in my 4.0L Jeep I have always ran Valvoline and now just switched to MaxLife. From what I have seen is Chevron the better Dino Oil to use in my 4.0L, I know you could pour sand and milk in the 4.0L and it would still run but I want to get the best life outta her but cant really afford or justify M1 in both cars. Seeing as how I drive a lot of highway miles in the Jeep and the 383 in the Formula gets oil changed very frequently, about every 2000 miles or 10-15 passes down the 1/4 mile.

Thanks for any replies guys.
i used to use Chevron Supreme in my 4.0. But they changed their pour point to -27f.I am now using Pennzoil 5w-30 (-44f pour point)for the winter, and boy is it quiet and smooth. I thought i would never use Pennzoil because of the horror stories about the sludge, which is not true.
I'm thinking for getting a Jeep this summer. This engine definitely likes high 30wt to 40wt oils. By the time I get mine, I'll probaly run one of the following oils: Mobil SUV 5w-40, Amsoil 10w-30, Mobil 1 R and GC. For dinos if I were to run one I think Chevrons 5w-40 is a great choice. Someone just posted a UOA of this oil and it looks great. Any one of thes mentioned would be ideal.

Originally posted by buster:
For dinos if I were to run one I think Chevrons 5w-40 is a great choice. Someone just posted a UOA of this oil and it looks great. Any one of thes mentioned would be ideal.

I guess I got the answer to my previous question to you.
I know this is only a GroupIII but when you just called this 5W-40 a "dino" when it's labelled Chevron's Synthectic Supreme. I see where the confusion is now, especially since you included GC in the syns.

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I don't care for The 10W-30 Chevron Supreme for winter. Put some in the freezer at 0 degrees overnight and I think you'll agree. I have not been able to find 5W-30 Chevron S yet so I can't tell you much about that. Now for summer, my Silverado 6.0L likes the 10W-30 pretty well, but I think it would like the 5W-30 Chevron S all year round much better.
It seems to be good stuff and can be found at an excellent price but there may be some engines out there that will not like it as much as another oil.

I've used it quite a bit and I couldn't ask much more of a conventional oil. I suppose if someone offered 12 topless siliconed thong-wearing bimbos to detail your car and change the oil with the purchase of every case my expectations might change but hey....

I think that Chevron Supreme is probably the best conventional motor oil. There does not seem to be any bad UOAs where people were using Chevron Supreme in cars or trucks.

And for the money (about a dollar a quart) you can't beat the price. There are oils that cost more that have poorer UOAs.
I recently switched from Maxlife and to Chevron Supreme(10W30)in my high milage Volvo(171k miles). Only about 1000 miles on it so far, but everything seems OK. We've had some sub-freezing weather here and there doesn't seem to be any cold start issues(not that I ever had any with Maxlife either). I'm not gonna throw out any outrageous claims of increased milage or hp. If I have only one complaint, its that my back pocket seems heavier.....oh, wait....thats just my wallet.
Yes, overall the Chevron/Havoline oils seem to look good. Of course, like you said the 4.0 isn't terribly picky! I've switched from Valvoline 5w30 and 10w30 in my various vehicles to Havoline 5w20 in my '99 F150 and Shell Rotella T 5w40 in my 88 Cherokee with the 4.0. Honestly could not tell a difference in engine noise, performance, or feel.

From the price/overall performance department, tought to beat the Chevron/Havoline oils though!
Pennzoil....PureBase. Chevron,Supreme....IsoSyn....same cracked group II+ oils......great stuff these days....How could we go wrong with these OTC value oils?
Personally, I prefer Pennzoil, lower temp, strong additive package and easy to find.

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I picked up a case of 10w30 Chevron Supreme for next summer. Ive yet to find a case of 5w30 for this winter - it seems as if walmart is discontinuing it...

Havent seen much Havoline around either, but it seems a bit more common.
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