Best DI cleaner for an Ecoboost engine?

Apr 23, 2021
I have a vehicle with an Ecoboost engine. Closing in on 100k miles. Thinking of adding a fuel injector cleaner or fuel system cleaner.
No issues I'm aware of. Simply preventive maintenance.Those engines all use GDI.

What what I read the Royal purple fuel treatment products see to have good results.

What would work best? Maxclean? MaxAtomizer? Or MaxRestore?

I'm meticulous with maintenance. Usually only use Brand name gasoline that's teir1. Usually use premium unleaded as recommended for optimum performance and fuel economy.

Nearing 100k miles. About to do sparkplug change and afew other things.
Techron or the like will take care of the injectors, but nothing is going to help the real problem, which will be carbon deposits on the backside of the intake valves. Just budget for a walnut blast sometime in the future if you notice a rough idle or a loss of power.

Ford is pretty adamant that you not use a cleaner for the intake valves due to concerns with turbo damage. Take that for what it's worth.
Redline SI-1 is also supposed to be quite good. I purchased both Techron and Redline for my Jag, in an attempt at preventing injector sticking.

Has their been significant problems with that engine? I thought ford used some sort of valve timing? to reduce deposits.
Could always borescope it and get them walnut blasted like an audi if needed.
My last Focus ST had significant build up on the back of the intake valves at 32,000 miles. Took the intake off and cleaned them with CRC and a shop vac, added a catch can and switched to Mobil1 EP. Whatever you do, don't use a cleaning method that sends debris into the combustion chamber, because it will ruin your turbo.