Best Dex Cool brand the use in newer GMs?

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Jun 8, 2009
Midwest US
I am still on my orginial factory fill dex cool that is coming up on 5 years, and I want to get ready to swap it out. I have only seen two brands in stores here, Prestone and Havoline. Then there is also the dex cool from GM dealers. Anyways I remeber seeing a comparison chart somewhere before comparing the different dex cools out there, and I remeber seeing that one of the two prestone or havoline did not do all that well and said it was more prone to cause corrosion in systems. Maybe you all might have seen this before but I can't remeber where now.

Anways, which one do you all think is the better to use? Thanks for any help
It was texaco... I like zerex, so Ive used that or havoline, depending upon vehicle.

I would probably stick to one, just to minimize variables.
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I thought that the GM factory fill was Texaco/Havoline, but I could be wrong.

I am not for sure, I have heard that too. The gallon jusgs the dealers sell just have the GM service label on them. I have never really read them to see if it states who manufacturers it.

I remember helping someone change their dexool out before and replacing it with the Havoline and it had a darker red appearance, while the Prestone I have seen is more orange. Does any of this make a difference on which one may be better, or are they equaly as good? Or should I just go with the stuff that the dealer sells?
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Ok I have been doing some research myself, and from what I have seen dex cool or any coolant should be avoided that contains silicates. Havoline states that their dex cool is silicate free, but what about Prestone? I could not find anything from them saying that their extended life dex cool is silicate free. Does anyone know? If Prestone does contain silicates I guess it is a good idea to go with Havoline then
Low levels of silicates, such as G05 has, is fine. It was the old "green snot of death" that should be avoided. It is hard if not impossible to find today.

Prestone, either their Dexcool or their "All Makes All Models", has no silicates.
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