Best Cleaning Easy To Find Synthetic 5w20

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Jul 23, 2008
New Jersey
Im sure this was discussed somewhere and im sure im going to get lots of opinions but im looking for a synthetic i can change once a year or 5000 miles whichever comes first. I am now using Quaker State ultimate durability but i am not sure if it cleans as good as some of the others.
What makes you think that QSUD doesn't clean as well as others? Any well known brand synthetic should be more then sufficient, quaker state is a well known brand name...
for the one a year or 5k your spoke of, either of the ones already mentioned will fit the bill just fine. That said, I go the M1 route. But that is just ME feeling good with that brand for years.
Cut and pasted from a prior BITOG post to my iPAD notebook page on oil and filter inventory. Author unknown. "QSUD and SFS both had add packs that were more about anti-wear additives than cleaning ones, as opposed to PP and PU leaning more towards cleaning than anti wear."
Same here tig1. Been using Mobil I since it went on sale in US. Very good oil. Maybe not the best but way more than good enough.
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M1 oils have kept my engines very clean for the last 36 years, even at 10K OCIs.
I've personally noticed good cleaning with Mobil 1 High Mileage, and Pennzoil Ultra. But I think QSUD has done a pretty good job in the past also...
Amsoil, it costs more and it will make you feel more better spending more money. It works.
I suggest Mobil 1 as well. Mobil claims it cleans dirty engines. And my suggestion is based on my own personal observations as well. There is keeping an engine clean when it is already clean to begin with, and then there is cleaning an engine that is dirty. My brother bought a 1997 Civic with 90,000 mi. back in 2006. It was in a used car dealership, so he couldn't talk to the previous owner what oil was used, and how long it was run. It had good compression and ran very well over all, so he bought it. Looking through the oil cap with a flashlight at the valvetrain, there was a good layer of varnish everywhere. My brother lets me change the oil for him, since I love working on cars. We ran PP and then Ultra in it. Knowing Pennzoil's claims of cleaning, I have checked through the oil cap with a flashlight at every oil change, wanting to see if it would touch the varnish. The Civic now has 270,000 miles on right now. He has driven it LOT. After all those miles PP and Ultra haven't even really touched the varnish at all. His average OCI was 6,000 to 7,000 miles. This past year, he told he wanted to try a different oil besides Pennzoil. He ran Amsoil for a couple changes, then Mobil 1. Starting with Amsoil, I could see the valve rocker spring closest to the oil cap becoming cleaner. The varnish was dissolving in a noticeable way, there was now clean metal. Now, with Mobil 1, it is continuing, the clean area is expanding. I can clearly see the varnish dissolving, and the Mobil 1 hasn't been run that long, yet, it is having very good cleaning action right now. It surprised me, Pennzoil was run all those thousands of miles, and it didn't really touch it. Amsoil and Mobil 1, in just a few thousand miles have demonstrated better cleaning ability. Interesting.
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