Best car you ever had

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1995 Mercury Cougar.....with all the bells and whistles...Fantastic car, felt like being in the cockpit of a fighter plane, with wonderful leather.......until it was totalled by my ex-wife......Very Sad for my car.....Ex wife walked away with no injuries.
I've had a few good ones but my current 02' Buick Century with 106K feels like it will last 300K. Except for changing the lower I/M gasket it's been extremely trouble-free and still runs like new.
84 S-10 2.8 V6, 4 speed manual. 310,000 on the 'dometer, rebuilt the eginine at 150K. She's smoking a little at start up now but man I love that truck. Gutless as a pig but it's so darn relaible and knocks down 23mpg (hwy mostly). Oh yes, it's [censored] brown too, that's now faded and somewhat rusty in's the ugliest and slowest things I've ever owned but yet it has a special place in my heart. Oh, yes, it was my first vehicle when I was 16 and I still have it. (I'm approaching 29). Ok, ok, I'll stop,I'll stop, I'm starting to get all emotional...
My TL has probably been the best. Absolutely trouble free for 74,000 miles but a little boring in the performance department.
1968 Rambler 220. Flat Head prewar design six cyl,Borg warner
auto transmission and all Delco electrical.
Nothing electronic except maybe the AM radio.
Simple and easy to maintain. Would still have it if
my daughter had not run it into a pipe in front of
a gas meter.
1986 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Had it 9 yrs and 121k HARD miles and it was flawless. It even had the original clutch when I traded it. That 302 was bulletproof!
1980 Datsun 310. Ugly as [censored] but man that thing wouldn't die. GOt great gas mileage so I basically just checked the gas and filled up the oil!
I've had a few:

1973 Ford F250- Had a built 460 making around 400hp or so. I only paid 800.00 for it. It was pretty rusty, but never left me stranded. 8mpg though, but still a great truck.

1988 Toyota Tercel- It had been sitting for 2.5 years uncovered, replaced plugs, fluids, etc. Never gave me any issues and used it on countless trips from Phoenix to Payson and back(100 miles or so). The only thing was it only had 68hp!, still held 55mph on steep grades and got great fuel mileage.

1988 Lincoln Town Car- Sold it with 190K, never any issues and a very comfortable car.
1990 Toyota 4Runner. Sweet off roading truck before Toyota turned the later models into a "soccer-mom" SUV.

1997 Ford F250. Gobs of power w/ the gas 7.5L. Wish we hadn't traded it.
easy... my first truck which was a 86 Chevy half ton, that i did a full resto on, then rolled it at 60mph, but i would say the one i have now. 2002 chevy 2500hd with an 8.1 liter, 4 wheel drive, 6 speed manual. it has to pull horses, hay and deliver news papers
89 Mazda 323, my first car. Knew nothing about cars and it didn't take advantage of me!

Only time it left me stranded was when I killed the starter at -7'F (not that cold really) with dino 10w40 in it. Turned me on to "better oil". You can't say "stranded" though b/c I pop started it with the stick shift.
1985 Dodge Caravan with a 2.6 Litre Mitsubishi Engine. Couldn't kill the Biatch. Burned more oil than gas in the end, but always kept running and never left me stranded except the night it died for good with just over 400K KM on it!

Could always find her in the parking lot too because she was that 80's creme colour with gold lower trim!

I miss her...
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