Best car wash soaps that wont strip wax?

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I have never use the Turtle wax Zip wax cars soap and was thinking of trying it as my source for my normal soaps dried up. Finding my self wanting to buy local at WalMart the older I get. The Zip wax soap mentions nothing about not stripping a vehicles current coat of wax/sealant. Does anyone know if it strips or preserves wax finishes?
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I use Turtle Wax's Ice wash and wax. It does a great job for me and doesn't strip nu-finish or the Fk1000p im currently using.
If I'm doing a waterless wash, I use Chemical Guys Ecosmart concentrate. A 16oz bottle makes 2 gallons of usable product. Leaves a wax behind after buffing the excess, but I usually follow that with Meguiar's D156 synthetic spray wax to really give it some shine and protection. The CG waterless wash seems to work well by itself, and a little goes a long way.
Optimum No Rinse or Meguiar's D114 would be my products of my choice. If you have to do a traditional wash, Meguiars D110.
I have started using "Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wash Car Shampoo" on my bikes and car. Results look good. It has no wax in it so the wipers work better on the windscreen
Go with duragloss or if your car isn't overly dirty the waterless washes metioned are excellent when done right. While ur cars still wet, Dry with aqua wax or optimum spray wax (along with a plush microfiber towel) and your car will thank you.
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I was under the belief that any true "car wash soap" product that was labeled as such would not strip the wax or sealant from your paint. However, anuy household soap, i.e., Dawn, Joy, Ajax, or any other dishwashing soap would likely strip wax.
I know that most people say that dishwashing soap, particularly Dawn will strip wax. That hasn't been my experience. Did nothing to the Collinite paste wax. I wait until its about worn off anyway, and hit it hard with Citrus wash. Spray wax would probably come off with anything. Using dishwashing soap is one of the few things Ford specifically says not to do, so I don't.
If I'm doing a full blown Foam Gun 2 bucket wash I use Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo.Suds like you won't believe.If I'm doing a quick Rinseless. I will use Optimum No rinse and shine or Optimum no rinse and wax.
I use Meguiar's Gold Class in a HFT Spray Nozzle with soap dispenser, that I bought at Harbor Freight. Does a great job of getting vehicle clean without having to touch the surface with any sponge or microfiber mitt. I use Pinnacle Liquid Souveran wax every 3-4 months and the Gold Class does a great job of cleaning and conditioning the paint without stripping any of the wax.
I have been doing a series on testing out different car soaps in the MTM Sub machine gun foamer and bucket wash on my youtube channel. You may be surprised on which washes are good. Meguiars is a good one at a great price, Adams is my favorite along with a few from Chemical guys. Here is the Meguiars video Meguiars soap test
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I run this: in a foam gun at around 400:1 and it works great. I keep it a bit more concentrated in the bucket, so that what's in the sponge has some more soap. the foam gun allows me to vary the ratio between 10:1 and 128:1. I put 3:1 diluted product into the gun reservoir. No issues on the CQUK. Cleans wheels great too.
What foam gun are you using? Thanks.
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