Best Apples for Baking

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Dec 28, 2006
What are your preferences for baked apples? My mother always used Granny Smith, but I think I want to try something else. My favorite apple to eat raw is a cold crisp Gala. Anyone ever used Galas for baked apples?
The local lady who owns an orchard uses Jonagold for her pies. Mama Bear used them in her last pie and it was great !! We used 1 cup of sugar (2/3 cup dark brown and 1/3 cup granulated white) with a healthy drizzle (1-2 tablespoons) of black-strap molasses over the apples. MMMmmmmmmm !!
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check around the stores to see if I can find Bella de Boskoop apples. Honeycrisps sound good too. Papa Bear, Mama Bear's pie sounds yummy! I wish my wife (or me) could bake a decent pie. I guess I need to clarify my question - since pies are not something we do well. I am talking about coring (or cutting in 1/2) apples, covering them in sugar and cinnamon and popping them into the oven. Not as good as pie, but they are very tasty.
I slice my apples fairly thin and place them in a large bowl. I mix the spices and sugar together and pour the mixture over the apples and mix well. Then put the mixture in your pie crust. Some people do not realize how easy it is to make a good crust. Find a simple recipe for a pie crust - oil or shortening. Do not over mix or it will be tough. Mix until it starts to form a ball. Dampen your counter and place a sheet of wax paper down and place the pie crust mixture on top and cover with another piece of wax paper. Roll to desired size and remove the top wax paper and using the bottom piece lift it on to the pie plate when it is exactly where you want it remove the wax paper. Roll the crust only once if you want a very flaky crust. I use a recipe I found in an old Betty Crocker cook book. I use what ever apples I have on hand Arkansas Black, Gala, honey crisp or a mixture of all 3.
^^^^that makes it sound easy. Maybe I'll get brave and give it shot this long weekend. Thanks for the directions.
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