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Jan 23, 2003
ON, Canada
I think when spring rolls around I am going to try 15W40 in my Olds 307 wagon and my Chev 305 truck. I was out at a few parts stores today and I was looking at the 15W40's that were sold. I can easily get the following oils locally: Mobil Delvac 15W40, Pennzoil Long Life 15W40 and Shell 15W40. I can also get Esso, Havoline, and Petro Canada oils, but I am not sure if they are available in 15W40. What would be the best choice among these and why? I looked at the VOA reports on the Pennzoil and Delvac in the archives. I am still new to oils, so I am not sure which one is better. I did note that the Pennzoil has more moly, but the Delvac has more magnesium.

These vehicles are used for mostly moderate trips, but the occasional short trip, and at least one good long trip a month. The car is not driven in winter, and I will run a lighter oil in the truck for winter months. I am looking for an oil that will provide the best protection, not maximum drain intervals. I am also hoping that the extra detergents in the oil will help clean up these higher mileage engines.
Well-I just don't know enough about the other oils but the Delvac 1300 has got to be good, the Pennzoil Long life has boron, and moly-looks good.
Based on lots of good words I have had the Delvac would be my choice. Can you get Dello 400?
im runnin that there delvac 1300 in ma jeep.........

sorry just saying delvac reminds me of the guy on king of the hill
Canadian Tire sells Rotella T 15w40 for about $14 a jug, I don't think it's the synthetic version though.
I don't want to run synthetic, as it is too pricey. Plus, I plan on replacing my 307 with a larger engine in a couple of years or so.

So Delvac has a good additives package then? It should be a decent oil? I can get it from Wal-mart for about $11 for a 4L jug. The Pennzoil 15W40 is $3.66 a quart. I have heard that Rotella is supposed to be good. How does it's additives compare to the other oils? Does it contain moly?
I'd try the Petro Canada "Duron" 5w-40, which is a very reasonable priced group III synthetic - about $14.00/gallon, US. I have used this formulation in my Audi 100 and it held up very well. You can use this oil year round even in northern Canada and it will enable you to easily start the car. Much better for colder weather than a petroleum based 15w-40

The Petro Canada 15w-40 is also an excellent group II petroleum based diesel oil, if you still decide to go that route....

This is one case where I'd support the home team, since they make excellent products.

dixie synthetics
Thanks for the info on the PC oils. I have a PC station just around the block from me, so I will have to check on their prices. Does anyone know what the additives pacakge is like in this oil? Does it contain moly?

I think that I may just try out the Delvac first. It seems to be a very well liked oil on here by most. Plus, it is considerbly cheaper thant the Pennzoil Long Life.

Any other input is appreciated.
Oldswagon, I don't know if anyone makes a bad 15W40 oil ... but I think some are better than others. Schaeffer Oil has a 15W40 which has posted some really good numbers on this site ... but that will be too difficult to find and too pricey for you, I'd guess.

Pennzoil 15W40 has a good base oil and more moly than any other OTC oil which I have seen (except for the 1st generation Valvoline Max-Life ... now discontinued). So, that would probably be my #1 pick. Second choice would be Chevron Delo 400. Great base oil and an additive package which seems to work and produce low wear numbers even without moly.

What about Shell Rotella? Mobil Delvac, Quaker State or Valvoline 15W40s??
I'd guess they are at least decent but I don't have any reason (anecdotal or other) to favor them over the oils I mentioned above.

But, I wouldn't use any 15W40 oil during the winter in a car or light truck. It seems the wear caused by a thick oil on cold mornings offsets the reduced wear normally seen when one uses a thicker oil. I'd only switch from about April through November (1-2 oil changes). For the winter, I'd use Pennzoil High Mileage in either 5W30 or 10W30. The ester component will make it flow a little better than a typical dino oil.

--- Bror Jace
The Rotella T I mentioned above is on sale at CT this week for $11.99 for the 4L jug. It can't be synthetic at that price.

Is this conventional Rotella T any good though?
Bror Jace:

thanks for the very informative post. You are correct in assuming that I would not use the Schaeffer's oil due to the high price and the lack of easy availability. These are older high mileage engines, and I just don't want to spend that kind of cash on them.

I think I may try both Pennzoil and Delvac. I wouldn't mind trying Chevron, but it is not available locally.

I don't plan on using the 15W40 in my winter driven vehicles. I was going to try out Pennzoil high mileage 5W30 next winter for those cold winter starts.

Oldswagon - You are correct in assuming that I would not use the Schaeffer's oil due to the high price and the lack of easy availability

I was surprised by the price when I tracked down my local Schaeffers rep. The price was not much different then some of the Wally world oils you mentioned, are you talking US $$. Plus he will deliver right to my door no extra cost with no minimum order. You might want to check it out anyway.
It is tough to convince people in my area to use Schaeffer products, due to the high cost of shipping stuff.

I have to get my Schaeffer stuff shipped from the west coast of Canada, so it means that I end up paying more for Schaeffer Supreme than I would for Mobil 1. Shipping costs are killer.

Like Patman already said, it is really expensive to get Schaeffer's oil up here in Ontario. Those prices I listed were all CDN dollars. Plus, BC is more than halfway across the country. The shipping costs would also be high. If there were a Schaeffer's rep in Toronto, then I would consider using it. I have family down in that area, and it would be very easy to get the oil.

I am planning on building a Olds V8, but I need to find a good core first. When I finish this engine, I would splurge for the Schaeffer's from BC.
Try Royal Purple 15w40. Today I checked my dipstick at the 1000 mile mark when I got gas, and no oil was burned. I had to check it 3 times cause I couldn' believe it. Was still above the xxxx marks. This stuff just keeps surprising me. I'm used to adding a half quart every 1000 miles with dino oil.
Oh and the oild was no longer purple but a very light oil color just like normal oil.

Royal Purple is also very hard to find in Ontario, and expensive too. I'm afraid once my free supply of RP runs out, I won't be able to continue using it in my wife's Honda, unless I can find someone local who will sell it for less than $8 or $9 per quart. Otherwise I'll switch back to M1, or to the Castrol 0w30.

Most of those oils you listed are available in 10/30 eqivalents. In the moderate summers up there that would be my choice with your posted driving style unless those engines are very loose and burning oil.A good 10/40 PCMO might be just as good for you. In a 302 motor last summer I noticed a large has milaege drop on a hi-way trip with the 15/40 Delvac 1300S as opposed to some 10/40's PCMO's I have use in the same car.Right now I have had this oil;f=11;t=000065

in the car for about 4 months I think and 3k of mostly city driving and idling. It's working very well and right on the full mark and cranks great at 5F . The way it's looking I might not have to drain this 1.50 per quart oil for quite some time. When I do,I will send it to a Lab just for grins

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I can see where you coming from about the 10W30 and 10W40 oils. One of the biggest reasons I want to try the 15W40 oil is for the extra detergents, to help clean up the engines a bit, and also help prevent further sludge.

Hopefully, this oil won't have a dramatic effect on the fuel economy. But, I won't know that until I try it out.

The summers here do actually get hoter than most people would think. The truck is used for towing, so it does run pretty hot. The Olds' both run pretty warm to begin with in summer weather. I used to use a 10W40 oil in these cars, until I read the ill effects of the high VI's in these oils. Since then I switched over to Pennzoil 10W30 which I have been running for quite some time now.

I want to try the 15W40 to see if it effects the oil consimption on my truck and my wagon. Both are a little higher than I like. My winter driven Olds has virtually no consumption, mind you it sees a lot of short trips, so the oil would contaiminate much quicker.
Oldswagon, I think what Dragboat means is that Chevron Delo 400 (and presumably others in this class) is available in a 10W30. So, you'd get the same additive package and base oil properties ... but in a 10W30 instead of a 15W40 ... or straight 30 weight.

But, availability of these somewhat unusual diesel oil weights may be next to impossible to find.

--- Bror Jace

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Originally posted by Patman:
Royal Purple is also very hard to find in Ontario, and expensive too. I'm afraid once my free supply of RP runs out, I won't be able to continue using it in my wife's Honda, unless I can find someone local who will sell it for less than $8 or $9 per quart. Otherwise I'll switch back to M1, or to the Castrol 0w30.

You can get RP from CDNtire.. as a special order. You have order a full case. I got the 5w30 last fall for 8.60 a lt. Then I checked on the RP website -find a dealer-, I found a local dealer who has stock for 8.00/lt. I use it in My 2002 TL.
With the little mileage I put on it, its a once a year oil change.

And now after doing a search and a bit of reading... I am really leaning towards the Delvac 1 5w40 in the GM minivan, and at 36.00 at wallyworld.. thats makes a touch more expensive than RP.....

SO I was thinking of using Delvac 1 5w40 from spring to fall then M1 SS 5w30 for the winter.

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