Berrymans Chemtool

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Oct 15, 2006
Hey bitogers! I just wanted to report that I have a high mileage (210k) 00 Nissan Sentra and decided to add a full can of Chemtool to a little under a half tank of gas. This would be somewhere in the ballpark of 5-7 gallons of gas. So far the car is running much smoother and I plan on running the gas down until the low fuel indicator light comes on then fill the tank completely. Now bear in mind I always use Shell gas as I like to stay top tier. I have searched the forums and see the recommendations for adding to a 1/4 tank then filling up due to the harshness of the solvents. Now I added this to my dads van last weekend on the trip to Talladega, he had no clue about it, and he said that the van's gained a little more than 1 mpg. Driveability has not changed, but, it was enough for him to notice. Does anyone else have experience running a very concentrated dose of this stuff in their fuel? If so mind sharing your experiences?
I always run it over concentrated be it Chemtool or Sea foam. Usually a 1/4 tank and a whole can goes in. Never any negative issues with doing this for me
The B12 burns faster than the gas itself,and sorta soups up the fuel.When it runs out,you will be back to regular as before the B12 addition.
Not that I can remember but it had been a few years since using chemtool prior. I typically use Gumout Regane High Mileage fuel system cleaner concentrate. Just wanted to break out of the norm and give this a shot. I know I felt more pep when the chemtool was in the tank though. Not sure how much cleaning has been done though.
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