Bernie Kosar files for bankruptcy

 Originally Posted By: LT4 Vette I thought this guy was somewhat smart.
--------------------------------------------------------------- In a 1999 profile in The Miami Herald, Kosar reflected on the transition from pro sports to business. ''A lot of athletes think that sports is a business and since they play sports they're businessmen,'' he said. ``That's a bad assumption. I know athletes who would like to have what they made. That tells you what some have done with it.'' -------------------------------------------------------- Maybe not as smart as he thought.
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He is smart He is doing what a lot of bussiness people do. Look at Donald Trump. Filing for this is just common pratice for a bussiness....Really no big deal....That is what GM and Chrysler should have done from the begining and not have the gov. through them all of the money knowing that they would both have to file...I grew up in Cleveland and remember the Kosar days....Man they were fun.....Except the drive and the fumble....
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I see he's sticking the ex for 3 million in the filing. That fills my heart with joy.
"Can you feel that? HUH, HUH, HUH?"