Beer into Gasoline?

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May 26, 2003
Central Coast, Calif.
well not really but an interesting idea

Cars May Soon Guzzle Beer With Their Gas
Friday, November 11, 2005

GOLDEN, Colo. — Beer and a tank of gas will usually get you on the road to nowhere. But chemical engineers who partnered with Coors Brewing Co. (search) have found a way to make it a fuel-efficient combination.

Though Coors and its partner, Merrick & Co., aren’t pouring brewskies straight into your car, they are turning some of the waste created during the beer-making process into 200-proof high-octane alcohol called ethanol (search), used to purify gasoline.

“We really never thought we were going to have something of ours go directly into your gas tank,” said Coors’ Rick Paine.

Some states mandate ethanol be blended with gasoline to reduce harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide (search). In the U.S., about 4 million cars on the road run on the purer form of gas, called E-85 (search).

“For every gallon of ethanol that we put into the gasoline pool, we get back out a gallon of crude oil that comes from who-knows-where,” said Steven Wagner of Merrick.

There are opponents to ethanol production, but their focus is more on the traditional way of extracting it — from corn. Critics point to studies showing that process is not cost-effective.,3566,175343,00.html
Yea, very interesting idea. Now we can say "yea man, my car gets drunk and it runs like a champ! lol I wonder about whiskey or hard liquor, you know, the stuff that makes you puke
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