Be aware, hand sanitizer will bleach white marks on black car cloth upholstery.

Aug 22, 2009
Pittsburgh,PA U.S.A.
I was using some hand sanitizer in my CR-V after handling bags of groceries to put items into coolers after a big curbside grocery order, and as advertised on TV I used a liberal amount so it wold get all over my hands including the thumbs, just as an extra precaution to prevent the possible spread of C-19 even though I had worn disposable gloves. Well a drop of it fell off of my hands and right between my legs and onto the black cloth seat. I blotted it up, but it left a light white like ring stain. I waited a few day until there was a day when the vehicle was not going to be used until late the next day and also that next day was going to be hot so the seat would be dry when it was used again. And I used a wet washcloth to see if I could get the stain to go away. No luck. That hand sanitizer actually bleached the black cloth white. It looks bad.

I am planing to take the the CR-V to a good upholstery shop when all this C-19 bologna is over with and get them to increase the height of the area that the back of the heated seat covers so it will be up to between my shoulder blades because I have a bad back in two places, lower and upper and the heated seat now does not have heat high enough for the upper back pain. Now it looks like I will also be asking them to take care of the stain the hand sanitizer left.

I do not know if a good upholstery shop will be able to color the fabric without removing it, or if I am looking at a more expensive job. They may have to take that section apart to do the additional heater instillation anyhow. The black cloth actually has a black and an gray/black checker pattern to it, so it might be a little more complected than just hitting it with a black magic marker to fix it.


So if you use hand sanitizer while sitting in a seat with any fabric that might be stained by something strong enough to bleach it, be very careful not to drip any onto the fabric of the seat. I do not know about leather seats, but I would not chance it. I wish someone had warned me about this before I did it. You have been warned. Don't make the same mistake I made.
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Aug 20, 2003
Could you temporarily darken it with a marker of some sort.. might look better than white.