BC5W-40 or GC 0W-30 in my 1.8T GLI?

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Apr 26, 2005
Allentown, PA
Which one of the two would be better for my 1.8T motor? The 5W-40 is a thicker oil and is the factory fill, but the GC I am told has excellent wear numbers? Most of my driving is done on the highway at speeds of 75 - 85 for 30 - 40 minutes twice a day. Which one is better? Please help....this is my first new car
Go with BC in keeping with the factory recommendations. Do several UOAs (one with the factory fill and then a couple with BC) as the engine breaks in. If, after a couple, you don't like the wear numbers, try GC. I think for your driving conditions, BC will do just fine for you. [Cheers!]
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