BC can at least look like GC - No Worries Anymore

Houston, Texas
Ok. I can not find 0W30 GC in the Houston area -- been to 3 Auto Zones and all they have is the US stuff. [I dont know] But my warranty calls for 5W40 VW approved oil anyway so I am running the BC 5W40. Not to worry though! I was changing my oil yesterday and I used a red funnel. I noticed that the way the light was hitting the gold stream of oil and the red funnel turned the BC into a light greenish hue by some law of physics that I know nothing about! So I guess if you are like me and can't find the green stuff, use a red funnel when the sun is out and pour it just so. [Big Grin] No if by chance someone knows where in Houston I can get the real deal though, I would like to start hording the 0w30. [Big Grin]


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Katy, Republic of Texas
The last 5 AZ I have been to have only had the M05 gold. I bought out 3 stores (2 in Katy and 1 in Deer Park, 25 total) and the 2 others didn't have any Green. If I find one and don't buy it all, I will post up.