Bauer 25 ACP

I have a Raven 25 I bought in 1977 for some stupid reason it cost $69.00 way back then . The sad part is I still have it some where.
Neither the Bauer or Baby Browing can be relied on for defense. They are prone to malfunction. I've had several in the past. Their value is only for purpose of adding to a collection.
Well .25ACP for self defense.........just get a smaller gun in .380 or 9mm or even .32ACP. Not the point I don't think.

Anyway, I think a Bauer .25ACP is a cool collector item in the "Browning" line of calibers. Just to have a couple boxes of ammo.

I have a cool old CZ .32ACP, even that round seems tiny (for centerfire) to me
here is a decent review. a 22lr, 25acp or 32acp pocket pistol is to have something for protection other than sharp words or a closed fist. if it works and you have it loaded with you when it is needed, it is priceless.