Battle of the Cheap 5W-20

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Jan 25, 2003
Decatur AL USA
Battle of the Cheap 5W-20 Oils

1. Exxon (Honda) $0.99 Autozone
Visc 8.2 cSt @ 100&#186C
Base Oils - Group III (As of Jan. 2003)
Boron - 130ppm
Moly - 240ppm
Invisible Organics - Unknown
TBN 6.3

2. Motorcraft (Conoco) $1.42 WalMart
Visc 9.0 cSt @ 100&#186C
Base Oils - Group II+ / Group III blend
Boron - No
Moly - Edit: New Formula has Moly (50ppm?)
Invisible Organics - Claimed
TBN 4.6

Which would you prefer?

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I prefer the Motorcraft based on personal results. The MC 5w20 is almost a 30 weight. Hmmmm.... And my batch had moly.
I'd take the MC because: 1) almost a 30 wt as previously mentioned 2) lots of good UOA's to back it up 3)easy to pick up when I'm buying other stuff at wallyworld.
MC with few cents when crunch time when oil is needed..go with quality...It's a good oil...
Don't not forget Havoline. I think the last time I purchased some at Wally World it was $1.17/qt.
The exxon looks impressive on your post. G3 for .99? So, its a full synthetic then? One more oil to look into
I think I'll stick with MC for now though Its been working well.
Gene K, where do you get your info on the basestocks for the Exxon?

I ask because I've called Mobil twice and asked what basestocks are in Mobil Drive Clean 5w-20, and both times I was told, "All group III". The spec sheet on the oil doesn't seem to bear the claim out.
It seems to me that these guys that answer the phones don't really know all that much. I would be willing to bet that Exxon Superflo/Mobil Drive Clean/Honda 5W-20 is a group II+ motor oil. It could also be a blend of group II or II+ with a small amount of group III.
MobilExxon told me all Group III on the 5W-20. I do not know if this is currently accurate or not. That is why I posted the date.

As to synthetic, ExxonMobil does not consider group III as being synthetic. If it is all Group III guaranteed it is a petroleum feedstock Group III not a slack-wax feedstock Group III. Even then I have a hard time believing it at that price.

The TBN figures are new method.

I thought maybe the Exxon / Honda Oil might be better for longer drains since it is stands to reason it might be designed around Hondas 10,000 mi OCI where as the Conoco / Motorcraft might be designed around Fords 5,000 mi OCI.

What UOA I can find on the Exxon / Honda Oil (Very Limited!) seem to be just as good as the Conoco / Motorcraft.

Dang - that Honda/Exxon 5w-20 does look good on paper.

They sell a Honda-rebranded oil for only $0.99 at Autozone??


Originally posted by MikeR:

They sell a Honda-rebranded oil for only $0.99 at Autozone??


They sell the Exxon. It and the Honda-Branded oil at the Honda Dealer are identical. I add the Honda for the same reason I add Conoco to the Motorcraft so someone wont pay more for one than the other when they are the same oil.

Mobil 5W-20 may also be the same as Exxon but that has not been confirmed.

Normal price is $1.29 but Autozone has it on sale for $0.99 right now. I'm tying to figure out if its worth picking up a case while it is on sale.

What UOA I have seen look very good but there just not enough of them.

The Havoline and Chevron are very close to the same (There seems to be a slight difference in the basestock but identical add package). Havoline seems to shear a little less.

It looks like a very good oil. If it is anything like there 10W-30 it is a one of the top Dino (or undercover blends?) on the market.

There are some VOA and UOA in those sections.

Isn't the Ford spec. a little tougher/different than the Honda spec??

They are totally different engine animals. If it meets Ford spec. I might use the Exxon, but....
The specs. look good.
I've seen Mobil 5W-20 on sale for $0.99/quart at Farm and Fleet.

With the two options you've listed, I'd go with the Exxon... because the price is cheaper.

Originally posted by haley10:
Isn't the Ford spec. a little tougher/different than the Honda spec.?

Yes, but the Exxon meets the Ford Spec and for that matter Motorcraft meets the Honda Spec.

Thanks GeneK. 5W-20 is a big leap of faith for me in a big V-8 truck anyway, but might try it this Winter.
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