Battery testing

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Feb 19, 2008
My local Advanced Auto Parts says they can test your battery to see what kind of condition it is in. Is this service worth doing? Is it accurate or just a scam to get me to replace my battery? ... By the way thy will check it for free.
I had a battery tested recently at a local autoparts store. The test took nearly 20 minutes to complete, and did numerous load tests on the battery. They told me it was just fine after the testing. I'd say it'd be worth your while.
its good if you have no history of your currently battery, I would like do it before winter or before long trip, but some time I feel bad to come in and ask for battery test and saw this little girl trying to rolling out that big machine.

Autozone having that small device that testing battery, I would use them.
At the local AAP store the manager tells me they have tested several of their batteries that test good but don't hold a charge in the customer's car and won't start the engine. He said they've tested the charging system of the cars and everything is good so they quickly replace the batteries. He has 3 of them and calls them his mystery batteries. He said that if there's the slightest doubt he replaces the battery. My impression is that competition is good for us customers. I had one of those mystery batteries. After it failed I charged it over night and it tested good on my charger. It would not start the car, a car that has just been overhauled and has a new starter and new cables. It tested good at the AAP store on 2 different testers and we put it in one of the employee's cars and it would not start his car, either. My new replacement battery is working fine and nothing else was done to my car other than installing the new battery. None of us have any idea what's going on with this battery.
It's a Midtronics tester that runs a fancy AC wave thru your battery and gives go/ no go. No go is when your CCAs are at 50-60% of new.

They use that Midtronics tester to confirm or deny warranties; there's no way to rig it to pass or fail. If the alligator clips are loose it complains, etc.

I worked at a tire shop that tested every battery for every tire or oil change or other work. It did occasionally sell a battery to someone whose car was starting fine but they wanted peace of mind.
They use the Midtronics conductive battery tester as the battery does not have to be fully charged.

Now if you want the best you charge the battery on AC charger overnight and then test it on a carbon pile load tester at 1/2 the CCA. Then read the temp compensated voltage when it beeps.
I've been told to replace my battery 3 years ago...
Still runs perfectly to this day with no hesitation when starting...

Checking battery voltage alone isnt enough, but it gives you nice baseline of how its doing and how well the electrical system is charging it.

as long as your battery is above 70% and the CCA is good for your application. Id say your fine. Voltage changes based on temprature too, if you live in cold area Id say 80%+ is what you want.

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