Basic Old Fashioned Italian Restaurant for working people in Shreveport LA


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
Was in Shreveport LA on Monday. Many restaurants are closed on Monday's, this restaurant was open for dinner.

Monjunis was a step back in time, like the 1960s/ 1970s. Very basic Italian menu, nothing gourmet. Spaghettis, lasagna, and veal parmesan. I had spaghetti and meatballs. This place is known for its "sweet" red sauce. Not a match for me- but enjoyed it and the presentation was awesome.

Plastic table cloth, plastic grapes hanging all over the place....... so nice to eat out at a individually owned old school restaurant. Price was nice also, dinner and two sweet teas.... $15 before tip. Same price I might pay for a sub, chips, and drink at Jersey Mikes.....

My Wife would not of liked this place... she wants a different atmosphere, etc.... , she would of left with the plastic gaudy tablecloths. I loved the place.:love:

Places like this once common.... have become so rare.....
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I never go that north in LA unless I'm going to Texas, but being an italian from New Orleans area I can say that food looks bomb by just looking at it.
I met with a man in New Orleans of Sicilian descent who said their are many great Italian restaurants in NOLA. One in particular he mentioned, something like "Mama Bs" he stated was to die for. No menu, just get whatever she makes that evening... and it is as good as it gets.

You live in what may be the best food town in the USA.
We have quite a few of them in NJ. I was at one on Sunday. Family run. They matriarch emigrated from Palermo, Sicily. Very nice people.

One of my favorite places is Kitchen Consigliere. The owner did a few years for Mafia related crimes.

Carmines is a small chain that is awesome. Huge portions served family style.
Places like that are making a resurgence here, and I'm happy they are. They either don't have a menu, or it's very limited. But the cooking is top, the atmosphere is good, they aren't always cheap as not all make simple foods but the price is always correct imo...
If you’re ever in southeastern Wisconsin, give Infusino’s in Racine, WI a try. I went to high school with the Infusino boys and believe it’s still family owned. When I visit, I usually go to the Rapids Drive location. Great food at great prices. Their marinara sauce is definitely not on the sweet side.
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When's the last time you have been to OP-OPS? Or, NANNY'S? Both places have some good food.
DON'T eat at BERNARD'S in Cottonport!
Never been to either. The wife and I are bougie, its either home cooked at the house, at her parent's house, or fresh catch if going out lol. sometimes mexican too.
the alternate meal is a lot of whiskey from Kerry's :p