Bar's Leaks Engine Oil

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Jan 12, 2004
hey everyone, I just bought this oil additive called "bar's leaks engine oil, stop leak and conditioner". Got it for my 92 crown vic's 4.6 cause it's burning and leaking oil.

just thought I'd see what you all think of adding this to the oil? on the back of the bottle it says:

"Bar's Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak is specially designed to stop seal and gasket leaks caused by normal engine wear and age.
-Keeps engine oil seals soft and pliable.
-Contains no particles that will clog oil passages or filters.
-Helps stop leaks due to drying, hardening or shrinking of engine oil seals and gaskets.
-compatible with ALL gasoline and diesel engines using conventional and synthetic engine oil.

Directions: Add entire bottle of stop leak at or between oil changes. One bottle treats 4 to 6 quarts of oil. Leaks usually stop in 250 miles or 3 days of driving."

anyway, if you guys have any thoughts on this I'd like to hear em.. thanks for your input
Unless your engine is dumping straight oil out of the exhaust pipe, I'd try a different oil before I tried an OTC additive (With the exception of a few good products, I don't like additives, and I feel a very good oil doesn't need additives in the first place).

What oil are you using now and how bad is the consumption?

Alot of people say that the "new gen" 4.6/5.4 engines need a low viscosity oil so oil gets to the cams, but I don't understand this statement...for example, many european cars, which use OHC engines, spec. 15w-40 from the factory, with a cut-off temp. of around 15F.

Maybe something like Rotella 5w-40 while the cold weather is still around if you want to switch over now to a different oil.

If it was me, I'd keep topping off and switch over to Pennzoil Long-Life 15w-40 once the really cold weather is gone.

Just my two cents...

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well I'm using mobil drive clean 10w40 in it right now, the manual calls for 5w30 which is what was always put in it since new until around 90k miles when it was burning too much (it's at 105k now), it'd leave a big cloud of smoke.

I normally put havoline 10w40 or castrol 10w40 dino oil in it but decided to try mobil drive clean out last oil change. about 200 miles after the change I noticed a white film in the oil cap... I figure it's just condensation because of the frequent short trips (1 and 1/2 miles) and the cold weather we've had lately (in the 20's). thing is it's never done this before so I'm partly blaming mobil drive clean, but who knows.

it is leaking enough that every few days I need to wipe up the oil off the garage floor.. that's why I thought I'd give this stuff a try, it's not real thick like some of those additives, seems to be between a 40 to 50 weight.

I've worried about having to put 10w40 in it because I've heard about these engines needing thin oil also.

haven't really looked into the auto rx deal but maybe I should... like I mentioned above though, this stuff isn't really thick, it seems more like regular oil, though it's color is amber
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