Bardahl XTC 5w-40

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Originally posted by Dr. T: Hmmm...I've never seen it for sale up here... Patman? [I dont know]
I haven't seen it either. In fact I can't remember the last time I even saw anything made by Bardahl. I remember the shelves of Walmart and CT used to be filled with their additive products. But not anymore. And I have never seen any motor oil made by them.
A guy on the Volkswagen TDI forum was doing group buys on this stuff because Bardahl says that this oil meets the VW 505.01 standard. They claim to sell the exact same oil that is packaged in different bottles - one for the heavy truck industry which carries all of the trucking industry standards and then on for the light duty industry that carries the VW and other standards. It sounded fishy to me and the guy has yet to offer any proof that the oil meets the VW 505.01 standard.
I want to say I've seen 'some' products recently. My buddy just bought the last bottle of Bardahl flush from a local Walmart other locations stock this product anymore either.
I noticed the Amsoil type wording. It said that it was engineered to surpass the various European standards. It did not say that it was actually certified.
I see this Canadian Co has a new passenger car 5w-40 called the XTC . They also have another diesel engine 5w-40 . Anyway for those that have ran across it at the stores up there what is the price of this oil ? It's the real deal PAO per the website .  - Bardahl XTC 5w-40
Well it's a PAO oil for sure . Just seems odd there is no interest in this oil iffin the price is right . I like oils that meet both these specs GM-LL-A-025 GM-LL-B-025 [Smile] Awhile back I emailed the company and there are not any USA Distributors as of yet . Free shipping for the new Distributors they aquire is what I was told . Till then the oil would probably be cost prohibited because of shipping and duties to the U.S.
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