Baldwin lists 3 different filters for my truck....

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Im looking for a Baldwin oil filter for my '05 Tacoma 4.0 V6. Cross referencing the Wix 51348 ive been using, it gives me the BT223, and B159. Their listing for the truck is the B7020. Im sure they'd all be fine, but any ideas on whats really correct?
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...but any ideas on whats really correct?
Either the application lookup or if you have the factory part number to cross would be the most accurate. You can also search their site by thread size and can size, but be forewarned you'll probably get several different numbers that would appear to be the same filter. Pardon the hijack, but Dan55, is BF Web a decent on-line dealer? Their prices are the best I can find, but they don't carry my air filter. Still thinking on it.
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For what is "correct acccording to Baldwin for your specific engine" the B7020 would be their replacement filter. All of the filters you mention have the same 3/4-16 thread size however the By-Pass pressure setting varies from 8psi to 16psi and the canister height varies as well. The B159 is listed for Geo Suzuki. You could also throw in the B1405 as another option. I'd say stick with the B7020. For what it's worth, I've used the B1405, B7020, Wix 51348 and the AC PF-53 filters on my 2004 V-6 Tacoma over the years and have not had any problems with any of them.