Backward Compatability

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Jul 29, 2002
I'm sorry if this topic has already been covered. I did a search and was unsuccessful in finding any posts. I took my '97 Villager for service at the local Ford dealership. I don't like the "package service deals" they push so hard, but I succumbed to the unrelenting pressure from the "service writer." Contrary to my instructions, the service dept. changed the oil and installed a 5W-20 oil. Is this oil okay in the '97 3.0 liter Nissan-mfg. V-6?? Did I ask that right? Thanks. (I was angry when I picked up the car several hundred dollars later and discovered the oil drain plug wasn't even hand tightened and they installed a Car Quest-brand oil filter.)
Ouch! Don't know about the oil, but if it's a "Carquest Premium Blue" filter, that's a relabeled Wix, a first-rate filter. If that oil weight is not covered in your owner's manual (I sorta doubt it for a '97 model), and there's no service bulletin stipulating retroactive use of that weight, you could always ask (demand) new oil of proper weight. By the way, the "5w-20 weight oil sucks" myth has been largely debunked in the UOAs on this board, with a boatload of 5w-20 UOAs showing <10 ppm iron/lead wear in engines approved for that weight.
[Cool] Here is a list I found on another thread here. You'll need Adobe. Ford 5w-20 Vehicles I didn't see your vehicle but the later model Villagers are on the "Exception List" that calls for 5w-30. Unless they have a different list, take it back and make them put the right stuff in. [Cheers!] It's also possible, but not likely, that the mechanic put the right oil in but the service writer simply coded the work order for 5w-20. Service writers generally don't impress me, there is only one guy at the dealer I go to who I trust to know his shiz from Shinola. [ March 30, 2004, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: JohnnyO ]
Thanks JohnnyO! I agree with your assessment of "service writers." The trouble is that the way these dealerships are set up these days you can't get around the service writers. The days of walking into the service dept. and actually talking to someone with any sense seem to be long gone.
i wonder if service writers are paid on what they write. i took my toyota in to the toyota dealer and the man told me were were slow, so I left it for work the next day. they screwed it up bad (timing belt installed one or two teeth off). mechanics claimed they were all overbooked did not get car til 5 PM, then it would not run OK, go back third day .
"wonder if service writers are paid on what they write". Yes they are.
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