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Mar 26, 2004
01 Civic (non-vtec) 5W-20 specified takes 3.75qts It currently has valvoline durablend (10% synthetic?) 5W-30 w/a ST filter running 3-5k intervals. (oil is about $10 for 4 quarts) I was thinking about a home brew of 1 quart M1 full synthetic 5W-30 topped off with 2.75 qts of the cheap 5W-30 M1 drive clean oil (or possibly 5W20 HAVOLINE) (~1.50/qt) it would be approx the same cost. It would run the same 3-5K interval. Which do you think is a better blend as far as addative package and performance? I think I might be getting a better blend (more synthetic) with the home brew? [ May 14, 2004, 02:47 AM: Message edited by: OiledMustangGT ]
yeah, i saw that it seemed like more hype than anything to me (I could be wrong though).... not to mention I have not seen it locally yet. anyway, do you think the drive clean plus would be better than my m1 mix?
Bottled oils have formulas which have been tested and proven in both lab and real-world settings. With random "backyard" mixes of random oils, I'd suggest one should expect random performance of said mix.
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