AZ manager threw me a bone...

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Nov 3, 2002
17q of 0w-30 Mobil 1 for $2 each. He asked me what I wanted to pay, I wisely said "a buck or two". $2 it was for the 0w-30 and the 0w-20 if I wanted it. I passed on the 0w-20. I was salavating when he was at the isle with his hand on the 0w-40 and muttering "I forget if these are getting closed out or not".
Anyway, there were fumbling for a price on some semi-synth Kendall. I would take it for a penny.
They thought it was maybe a "new" product.
The Zone supposedly has a secret stash of new oils, probally the mysterious PZ Platinum too. Will PZP be the new GC?
I passed on more Havoline Synth for $2. I already portioned out all the Havoline I have and currently enough for a year. Who know what sales will be coming soon? TONS of SL oil is stacked up in crates and will either be closed-out or sent back to dist. Get yer GC, it's tossed into the crates with all the other mortal oils. The Elves must be furious.

PS here I am driving around with my car weighed down with motor oils. Had a case with me already for my Mom's oil change and then loaded up at AZ, still wanting more. Do I have a problem? OCD?

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Originally posted by Audi Junkie:
Will PZP be the new GC?

Nein...nein...nein...Platin ist nicht ebenso gut als elfen Zauberei (Platinum is not as good as Elfen magic)

Get yer GC, it's tossed into the crates with all the other mortal oils. The Elves must be furious.

Let's just put it this way...if you don't want to end up a Keebler cookie, don't mention A...z... in front of the small but powerful ones (they insist now that I refer to them thay way)
I called Autozone Corp office and talked to the oil buyer. I asked him if they were going to quit carrying the Castrol 0w-30. He said that it and the Mobil 0w-30 have been dogs for sales. He said they will be discontiued in the stores with small oil racks less than 20'long to make room for other oils. They will continue to be sold in the stores with the 20-30' racks. He said one section was 5' long so it's easy to tell which stores would quit selling it. He also said that they will be carrying the Castrol 5w-40 in all stores as it has been a good seller in it's limited markets.
Good info. Looks maybe all the old-stock might be centrally re-distributed to appropriate AZ stores. I think it will all go to Mexico or at least the non-current stuff. 0w-30 in Cancun?
Actually I can live with Belgian produced motor oil as long as it smells like the finest Belgian chocolate.
Now, though, we have to be familiar with THREE languages: German, French and Flemish. Life in the lubrication fast lane is so demanding....sigh Now what is REALLY going to be interesting is to see if there are any Elves involved in the Belgian process...all this turbulence has my small but powerful friends in a very taciturn frame of mind...cannot get a word out of them. One thing I do know, they will NOT leave the Black Forest...and they do have SLX Longtec to continue to produce.

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