az "dumping" old oils

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Nov 24, 2004
san diego
all leftover oil that no longer has a place in the new az oil lineup is going to be dumped into their recycle tanks.

talk to the store manager as there may be a way to get a good deal or free oil. only the store manager will have authority to make a deal and probably is the only one that knows the oil is going to be thrown out.
just plain wrong.

put it on a "sale" table, at vastly reduced prices, and at least make something of it, and not waste resources.

Like our stores people..."this item cost $15,000 and you haven't used any for 10 years." they scrap it for $10.

A few years later, we pay $25,000 and have to wait 6 months for it.
They don't want to undercut themselves. If they can sell synthetic for $4/qt they don't want to have a sale because then the customers will "get used to" the idea and not pay full price anymore.

I run into the same thing at car lots... I go in and look at a car they took in trade for sale for $5k. Offer $3500 and they laugh. It doesn't sell and they send it to auction and get $2100.
Maybe we should visit our local AutoZones and tell them we are oil recyclers and ask if they have any discontinued oil they want recycled.
I have talked to 4 AZ managers asking about any of the clearance oil they have left and every one said they had sold out of it. I guess being warmer down here people actualy buy and use the oil.
I just visited an AutoZone and all they had out for clearance was 20w50, 50 wt, and some Kendall 70 wt, which I would think few people would want.
someone in another thread mentioned that having oil stashes has contributed to higher gas prices. ha! look at this. total waste of resources here. I hope the GC that disappeared in my local autozone that wasn't on sale for $1/qt didn't meet the same recycled fate.
I was told at our local AZ that all they had on clearance was M1 OW20. I'm going to go back and check though!
Just think, somewhere there is an AutoZone manager dumping GC in the recycle tank.
You can return M1 0w-20 to PepBoys and exchange it for 0w-40, that's what I did. If you don't want it, ship that $1 sheit to me!
Went to another AZ today and found a cooperative manager. When he tried to ring up some M1 0w20 the register gave the message "Do not sell this product".
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