Avon N-Tech M500

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Jun 2, 2003
Has anybody used those? I'm considering them in 205/55/16/W. I saw what they wrote on the tirerack about those tires, but would like to hear more.
Avon TECH M500 to be exact, I have 195/55R15 on Rota Citcuit 8 on 99 Civic EX Coupe. Since 2002, I've had Toyo T1-S, Kumho ECSTA MX, and then the Avons.

Dry grip is as good as the T1-S (DOT280), but not as good as the MX (DOT220).
Wet grip is better than both.
Aquaplan resistance, better than T1-S, almost as good as the MX.
Noise is better than both (by a mile, non-directional tread).
Comfort is better than both.
Cornering is a bit vague (softer sidewall)
Weight, 1-2 lbs heavier than the others (negligible).
Price/longevity, better than others (by a mile).

So if you are like me, who puts 30,000+ miles a year and would like excellent dry and wet grip, pleasant NVH, and happier bank account, pick them up right now (tirerack is the only source in the U.S.) before prices keep climbing. In 2 months, my size went from $69 to $74. They are made in the good 'ol U.S. of A. Good luck! These are a winner in my book.
Hmm, I don't care for the T1-S at all. The softer sidewall of the Avon may be to my disliking, too.

The problem is, I went from using Michelin MXXX to Conti Sport Contact 2, and while I do like the Contis, which are an excellent match for my Quattro, I do miss the Michelins, which were really excellent. I don't miss their price though. The Avons' price is good at $80, but maybe I should stick with the Contis. They are about 86-$98, depending on the exact version. I realize that for some reason the Contis are not well-liked by many of the reviewers on the tirerack, but I found them to perform very well. They are also OEM on the Porsche Boxter.
Have you driven on the T1-S? I didn't think so. Anyway, there is about a dozen tires rated higher on the tirerack survey for max-performance 3-season tires:


I would think any one of them would fit the bill better than the Contis. Try the Kumho MX for more grip. You don't want a high-perf tire to last too long as it will harden and/or get noisy. I loved the way I was able to thrash my car around with these tires (Autocross). With my stock brakes, I CANNOT lockup these tires in a straight line, even if I STAND on the brakes! Too bad Pirelli PZero Nero, or the Goodyear Eagle F1 don't come in your size
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