Avoid Credit One Like The Plague!


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Feb 27, 2018
No thanks. His advice has you living like a pauper. That's something I won't do. I have found a good balance of enjoying my hobbies and life while not living beyond my means.
That's what I try to do is do what I want and not live above my means and it's been working fine for awhile now

This. If you have 5 cards, Use the best one for most all of your needs, use the other 4 once a month to keep them active. Then make sure you PAY THEM OFF every month. I am so paranoid about debt that as soon as I get home from shopping, I log on to my account and pay it right then. Sometimes I have 3 paids a week. But its paid, I don't have to worry, and like others here have said, I have full credit, no debt, no interests payments, and a CS above 800. Now don't get me wrong, I was once stupid and young, and maxed out every card I had. Lessons learned, that was a living hell to get out of. And now life is good, and I still get what I want and need. Good luck to you sir.
That's what I've been doing is I have one card I use as my "main" card and pay off every month and the other ones I use for small things to keep them open and also pay them off when they're due.
Feb 25, 2013
A good rewards card for easy money would be one of those 2% back on everything such as citi double cash.
for a little more work rotating category cards such as the chase freedom flex or discover IT for 5% rotating cash back categories.
usbank has one thats good for 5% cashback on monthly house bills.
amex has 3 and 6% on grocery store cards.
there are various 4% restaurant or travel cards.
Some cards offer free smartphone insurance with small deductible.
(y) Great suggestions IMO - I'd add looking at citi's custom cash card too, rotating 5% in your top spend category. A little bit of management of when you use your card where on a monthly basis can get you 5% on groceries or gas.