Avira not allowing review sites

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Feb 17, 2007
Clermont, Florida
I am trying out the free version of Avira 2016. It works well but I can not open review sites or video windows. What I mean is if I shop on Crutchfield they have a video that will show the operation of a car stereo. When I click the video, nothing happens. I am also unable to view or open the extra pictures of the car stereo on the Crutchfield site. On Best Buy.com when I click the "reviews" tab for any item instead of showing the list of reviews all I see is a spinning timer circle on their page. Looks like a big asterisk. There has to be some sort of exception I can list or pop up blocker to turn off but I have been trying to fix this for 2 hours now with no luck. I have a desktop with Windows 7 and a laptop with Windows 10. I have Avira Free on both computers and the problem exists on both computers. On some sites like Sonic Electronix and AAP where the reviews open in a separate browser I can see those fine. I used ESET on both before trying Avira and never had this problem with ESET. I appreciate the help if anyone here knows how to fix it. Thanks.
Thanks for the info. I guess I wil use either AVG or Panda now. I do a fair amount of online shopping and research so I need the reviews to work. I might just go on back to ESET but was trying the free Avira to save money. ESET is not that expensive to start with but why spend money on a paid av if the free one works just as well?
I removed Avira and installed Panda Free and am happy to say I can now read the Best Buy reviews, see Crutchfield videos and pictures again with no problems at all. Panda is not slowing down my computer either. If anything it seems to be running a little faster with Panda than it was with both ESET and Avira. And so far Panda is not sending me emails to upgrade to the paid version. With Avira I got one or two nagging emails a day. Panda appears to be a fine AV.
Could be a bug or something from Avira, but usually there is an option or exception list for these so you could turn it on/off. As for your opinion about free and paid one, I would still recommend to use the paid one. Paid security softwares are guaranteed to get updates real time. So in case a new virus was invented by a hacker for example, then the paid software knows how to get rid of it. Unlike the free one, it won't even recognize the infection.
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