Average wait for UOA results?

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Jul 3, 2006
How long, generally, do you guys have to wait to get your results back? I'm using the local Holt/Cat dealer here in San Antonio.
I used Blackstone and got my results back 2 days after i sent the sample in. They proccessed it and emailed me results the very day they recieved it. Blackstone is the best! [Smile]
Earlier this year it took me over a month to get my results back from Blackstone. I suspect the problem was an overzealous local postmaster. Reason? Oh, nothing in particular unless you count her screeching at the top of her lungs, "<b>You wanna send a hazardous material through the mails?!</b>" I pointed out the blanket Blackstone MSDS affixed to the outer package. She then calmed. A little. Next time, UPS.
Blackstone has varied between two days and two weeks also. I am on the west coast. Never had a problem with the local postoffice, but something delayed a sample in transit.
I've used Blackstone - For the last 5 or so UOAs - they've e-mailed me the results the day UPS says they got the package. I think the time waiting = shipping. With UPS it usually takes 4-5 days. You know you are obsessed if you next day air your UOA sample... [Razz] I wonder how many have done that [Big Grin]
I've dealt with Butler oil labs twice, and both times i have recieved the results via email the same day the lab recieved the sample.
I usually mail my sample to Blackstone on Monday and normally get the results back on Thursday. Once I waited 3 weeks, but I'm sure it was an issue with the post office.
Usually within 4-5 days mailing from NH to IN. My last sample in June took over 2 weeks but that was because of a glitch in Blackstone's email system. They had thought they sent results out but it didn't happen. This is the only blip with them ever. Blackstone rocks [Smile] Goose [Patriot]
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