Average Oil Changes Per Year

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I'm going to catch flak over this, but oh well! I drive very few miles a year, averaging approx 4400, use Red Line and Purolator PureONE filters, and still change both 4 times a year, with about 1100-1200 miles on them. Why? No other reason than it can't hurt, and I like fresh oil in my engine (one vehicle owner). And, frankly, couldn't care less about the costs.
ill buy your car! what is it?
I change my BMW x5 at 7,000 miles. 2.5 changes. Mobil1 0-40 Ford explorer 5,000 oci. 3 changes Napa synthetic 5-30 VW jetta 5,000 oci 1 change Napa synthetic 5-30 Honda CRV 5,000 1.5 changes Napa Synthetic 5-30
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I'm only changing oil about once every 9 months.
Heated garage, or using a service center? Sooner or later you're in frostbite range. I guess if timed right you will have the 9 month onset either before or after the winter. The 12 week gap should always be on the quarter points.
'94 LS400: 6-7k/6 mos with dino or 12-13k/12 mos on syn '00 MB E430: 12-13k/12 mos '04 S2000: 3-4k/6 mos with dino or 6-7k/12 mos with syn Most OCI's of all 3 cars on times, that means some times it passed the mileage by as much as 1-2k miles. All cars had various brand names oil that I bought mostly less than $1-2/qt for syn and $49/qt for dino.
Twice a year or 5K miles for me. I like changing oil. I don't have kids. There's my contribution to the [censored] environment. Ha!
I've changed my oil twice this year and we've only owned the vehicle since February. That's with a 10,000Km, then 12,000Km OCI. It will likely be changed again before the end of the year.
I do not go to extremes about the environment, beyond taking my used oil in to be recycled. There are enough tree hugging liberals who want to tell me not to use my own money for my own use, but give it to them for their social programs. All of my trash goes into one garbage can. You socialists can volunteer at the dump to separate out recyclables. Do you own a car or do you "help the environment" by riding a bike?
Its an 07 Ranger, 4.0L SOHC, factory order, 2wd 8.8 limited slip. A little over two years old, has 9400 on it now. Did the first OC 2d day I had it, w/ RL and PureONE, of course.
Nope don't own a bike. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. I just see no reason to needlessly pollute, but then its your money and your corner of the world, not mine. Mayhaps your signature line sorta covers it.
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I just read that the average number of oil changes per year (cars/light trucks) 2003-2009, is from a low 2.8 (2008) to a high of 3.44 (2003). Seems the "general" population is still following the "old" recommended 3-4k oil change interval. Wonder when this trend will change.
I think the reason why we still see 3-4 OCI's per year is that a lot of manufacturers still have the mileage and time constraint (usually 4 to 6 months) for OCI's. People that drive less, still change oil per time to keep their warranties, so number of OCI per year stays rlativeley the same.
Friend that owns a local Quick Lube says he's seen MORE people stretching out intervals during this recession. The trend could be changing.
The Accord will get changed every 3,750 miles or so, which will end up being about every 5 months - regular bulk (Mobil) dyno with an OEM filter. The GTP gets Redline 10w-30 with a K&N in the spring right when I take her out of storage, and Redline 5w-30 with a K&N in the fall right before I put her into storage. Since I bought the car it only sees about 3,000 miles from April through October, which isn't a big deal even with the abuse I give the ol' 3800. \:\!
I change my oil every 7500 miles. I mean, literally, as soon as it rolls over, I change the oil. That means, I do, on average, 6.72 oil changes per year on my S60. I'm not sure on the 850, it get's a change every 7500 miles too but it doesn't get driven as much any more.
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