autozone's "flood repair" section

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Jun 15, 2003
Shopping on for my vehicle, "Flood repair" is a (new?) major category just like "engine-internal".

I clicked through and they had nothing.

But, they are surely considering the reconditioning market. Hopefully they'll sell necessary hard parts that helps people get their OWN cars back on the road rather than sell stuff that temporarily masks mildew/odors/corrosion etc.
My son who used to be an Autozone employee claims they are trying to offer more parts for commercial accounts including hard parts and also salvage parts.

It seems they've maxed out their retail sales to the backward hat/22" hoopies and ricer clientele and are looking for other markets...

Originally posted by brianl703:
They are--I spotted some Autozone "commercial" ad flyers at my mechanic's shop.

Pep Boys is trying to do the same thing.

AZ is going to need to stock a lot more items than just the fast movers, up their quality, and start doing deliveries if they want to compete in that market.

My son left AZ and went to work at Bumper to Bumper. Last week I asked him to check on a molded bypass hose and a molded heater hose for my 5.0L Mustang. He was convinced they wouldn't have them because "we never had that kind of stuff at Autozone. A lot of it we couldn't even get." No surprise to me, Bumper to Bumper had them on the shelf and he's noticed already most of their business is from commercial accounts. A much different group than came into Autozone.
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