AutoX w/o a dry sump?

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Sep 20, 2002
New York, NY
AutoXing w/o a dry sump. Is it safe? I know a short simple question probably w/o a simple answer but I am really interested in PPL's thoughts on this. Fred... [Smile] PS: Moderators, if this is the wrong forum to post this in, plz move the thread. [Embarrassed]
maybe I should give more info: I wont do teh autoX competitively but mostly to get a better feel for my car under extreme situations so I will be better prepared when needed. The engine in question is a VH45DE as found in the 90-96 Infinti Q45's. It is a 4.5L 32 valve all aluminum Quad cam engine with VVT, very simliar to a northstart except a bit heavier and w/ 6 bolt mains (2 cross) w/ girdle. Its a also closed deck engine. Sump capacity is 6.00 quarts, running MOBIL1 0w-40 and an OEM oil filter. Much of the above matter little for the question on hand, but I wanted to give any gurus and idea of what I am working with. I also will soon take this engine out and replace w/ a low mile JDM t/o VH45DE, because the original one has bad heads (possibly due to an overheat). I may have a chance to autocross, before my new engine is in, so all damage (if any) will be on the old engine, but am also curious if it's ok to autocross w/o a dry sump, in case i want to do same w/ the new engine. The OEM oil pan has a number of baffles, but I am ignorant if those are enough, to call it a semi-dry sump. Fred... [Smile]
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