Autolite rebate Platinum, Iridium XP Iridium Ultra and Glow Plugs $1-$3 per plug

Sep 19, 2009
ann arbor, mi
Limit 16 Autolite® Spark Plugs per person or household. Maximum per person or household: Maximum $16.00 for Platinum Spark Plugs ($1.00 per spark plug), Maximum $32.00 for Double Platinum Spark Plugs ($2.00 per spark plug), Maximum $32.00 for Glow Plugs ($2.00 per spark plug), Maximum $48.00 for Iridium XP Spark plugs ($3.00 per spark plug), Maximum $48.00 for Iridium Ultra® Finewire Spark plugs ($3.00 per spark plug). Offer ends December 31st, 2023.

Not seeing any limitations for vendors. Watch out for fakes on ebay and amazon.
I've considered it but have had so much luck with NGK Laser Iridium that I'm fearful of changing.i bought a few boxes of four when I got them for a 10 spot each from a local parts dealer. I buy my belts, tensioner and other accessories so that I can keep my discount and delivery to my house if need be.
NGK & Denso seem so much better than anything else, and I would be leery of using Autolite (although Ford did use them back in the day).
I put autolite iridiums in my malibu at around 70-80k miles. By 120, they were so gapped when I was Changing them. Way out if spec and worn. I can't remember the exact measurements but they were .040 new and I think like .060 when removed. I had no misfires or problems, but I was very surprised at the gap. I replaced with ngk rutheniums, which were like $9 a plug. I really like the way these rutheniums and Denso TTs look because how can a spark be missed with these twin tips? We'll just have to see how they wear over time. I'll leave em in for 50k or so if these cars make it that far. The Scion tC has denso TTs.


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Purchased two 4 packs of xP5701 a few weeks ago from Amazon, and got the $24 rebate card a few days ago. Profited about $5, and only needed 6. They are made in Mexico, I checked the resistance since that's about all you can do without dissecting one, and I wouldn't know what I was looking at even if I did to check authenticity. I decided to try them on my Dodge Charger in a few weeks. I've heard of counterfeiting the big name, high cost plugs, but doubt that anyone is doing it with Autolites.