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Oh gosh this could take all night...this is my 10th season of autocrossing (6th at a National level).

August '08-- won H-Stock at the Wendover ProSolo in a $500 Ford Escort GT (all stock) by a huge margin. 1st place qualifier for the Super Challenge, ended up winning the whole shebag, only $1100 or so (no tire $$ or manufacturer $$, just payouts from SCCA & Hawk Brakes). Followed up with a 4th Place finish at the ProSolo Finale, and 16th at Solo Nationals, not bad for a $500 car--


March 2009, won H-Stock at the Houston National Tour in a "free" car, but I had about $300 into it. Re-used the tires from the Ford Escort :)


2007: Won almost every National Tour and ProSolo entered in my "other" Impreza, winningest H-Stock car in the country that year and was never beaten by a MINI Cooper until Solo Nationals. 2007 ProSolo National Champion (HS), 6th place Solo Nationals.


My $900 '88 MR2 Hardtop Base Model (if you know MR2's, this is the "best" 1st gen you could buy). NEVER should have sold it. Still kicking myself.


2006: Beating the reigning ProSolo National Champion on "inferior tires" and with a bit of ice on the ground-- priceless.
'89 Mazda RX-7 GTUs = uber rare unicorn car. Bought for $150, sold for $5000 after it was returned to stock.

My '82 Porsche 924 Turbo making 20psi, Porsche Club autocross car. Super fun, fairly rare (800 imported in '82, fewer with the M471 package). Ugly, but fast. 951 widebody kit, 15x9" and 15x10" Mahle/BBS wheels. Yummy.


My "other" Porsche, the 924S Le Mans edition. Sold just before I moved to Texas *sniff*. Fun car, very clean.


'09 Dixie National Tour, Subaru Impreza--

'08 El Toro ProSolo, Subaru Impreza--

'07 ProSolo Finale/National Championship, .502 light and 2nd place OVERALL PAX...yeah, it was a good run. Subaru Impreza--

Sometime in '07 I think, my '88 MR2 Hardtop on one of the most fun autocross courses ever.--
Wow, those are some amazing runs James! Nice cars too haha.
What camera setup are you using? I'm thinking of getting the "go hero" cam...

From what I've seen, your area autox courses are much faster than ours, not my car (unfortunately), but the last event/course I participated in:

As you can see, we LOVE our slaloms *palm to face*

I had a 2004 RS I autocrossed a few times, but had a habit of eating up it's transmission every 30k miles or so, sold it to get the mustang.
I'm definitely not nationals material, but do alright in local ESP against some seasoned drivers.




Oh, check out this guy's 1st gen miata, slightly hacked/modded/big turbo... "The Beast"
He has a large plastic gremlin head on the dash, when the car hits full boost, the eyes light up red! :)


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I do product development for several camera companies, I can recommend a lot of them....depends on your budget...from $99 to $2999. Lots of stuff available right now that is fairly decent stuff. PM for details.

I just bought a Street Modified FWD (new supplemental class) car, the Omni GLH-Turbo...hopefully will be a bit faster, but dang I miss AWD!!
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