Auto lubrication experiments if I were rich

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Jun 15, 2003
You should hook up with AEHass.
If I was a billionaire I would have some fun. I would have numerous vehicles undergoing different lubrication test. I would like to run a class 8 truck on 5w30 supertech dino @40k oci's, a Dodge cummins truck with 5w20 dino, a new Honda accord using an old API SA oil, a Audi with Mobil1 10w30 EP with only filter changes to see how long it could go and on and on.
I would fund the creation of an additive so that I could run the same used vegetable oil, first for cooling, then lubrication, then for combustion. Then I'd enter Lemans in my TDI V10 powered Porsche Carrera GT for the new diesel stock car class I would create sponsored by my newly acquired McDonald's Corporation. What happens to all that used veggie oil anyway?
Don't forget to run some oil picky Audis and BMWs on 49 cent Chevron for 10k.
As far as "experiments" go: Before I discovered BITOG, I ran my '00 VW GTI 1.8T for 6500 miles on 5w30 dino oil & Fram Extra Guard filters twice. I never "noticed" any ill effects.

I've run nothing but full-synthetic for the last 22k miles, though. The engine is still smooth as silk.
Someone once tried developing a water based crankcase lubricant. I'm not sure what they did about the pour point problem, and the expansion during freezing problem.
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