Australian - Valvoline XLD's

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Feb 9, 2004
Hi, again, firstly sorry I am posting so much. And again on about another Valvoline Product. I was wondering does anyone here know anything much about Valvoline XLD Plus and Premium, SL 20w 50? This one seems to get very mixed comments when spoken about. Some people think it’s just cheap, nothing special supermarket rubbish, and yet there seem to be a lot of people that will say, it’s the most underrated, under priced oil in Australia, an oil where price is not indication of quality. Well balanced versatile oil, suited for a vast range of uses. And they usually go on to add that because Valvoline put in on the Supermarket shelves it has acquired this cheap low quality image. Where it is just as good as Penrite HPR 30 that is more then twice its price. So does anyone here have any comments about the old XLD’S?
The only real way to tell is get the specs and compare them with the other oil/s. In the words of Perry Mason "hearsay is inadmissable" [Big Grin] Dave
Good point Davo. The only experience I've had with XLD goes back 14 years ago, so it isn't exactly relevant. Rick.
Yeah, they don’t like to let out to much info hey! I did compare what they offer and it seems to be at least on par with all else. But I am also really interested in real life experiences
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