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Feb 9, 2004
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any good or bad comments or experiences with the Aust Castrol GTX2 engine oil. Sort of under mix impressions with this myself. One thing that bug's me, is Castrol will make a direct effort to recommend against using it in any sort of mildly performance engine, but other companies that have there products in direct comparison to it will go out of there way to prove that there product (around same price, grade and weight) is well suited to performance use and standard applications. I don't know if it's a case of simply being a mediocre product, or a bunch of tec advisers that just don't know there stuff all that well. All thoughts and comments welcome.
Its simply a SL rated dino oil. NOthing special about it. I would spend a coupla extra bux and get the GTX3 which is ACEA A2/B2 and MB229.1 certified!
Hi Francis, if I remember correctly GTX2 is/was one of Castrol's low priced "general" oils - 20w-50 GTX3 is/was a 15w-40 oil with some manufacturer's Approvals plus some ACEA ratings and is obviously a bit more sophisticated GTX-Magnatec seems to be their upper market semi-synthetic lubricant. It is no longer being widely advertised I don't have much to do with Castrol's products but BP-Castrol appear to have rationalsied their marketing stocks along with their people Regards [ March 16, 2004, 05:35 PM: Message edited by: Doug Hillary ]
Originally posted by Doug Hillary: GTX-Magnatec seems to be their upper market semi-synthetic lubricant. It is no longer being widely advertised
You haven't seen those tacky ads with Adam Gilchrist ?? [Big Grin] Why a cricketer is marketing engine oil is beyond me.
Hi, no I haven't seen the Advert If they want to go more downmarket they could probably use some of our gallant "football" players. We had an INSIGHT into that last night! I suppose they could then say "...and our oil has b?lls!" Regards [Cheers!] [ March 16, 2004, 08:51 PM: Message edited by: Doug Hillary ]
That is just a ordinary low-end to mid-range sorta dino oil, nothing more, nothing less. It won't blow up ur engine but it's not superior than others in the same price level either. I reckon Shell Helix Super (yellow bottle) is a better buy, at least they met the ACEA A2/B2.
Thanks everyone for all that. I find it so frustrating that Castrol chose not to make GTX2 a high quality, no compromise oil. For someone seeking a maximum protection, versatile 20w 50 they have to look out side the Castrol range. Clearly GTX3 is of high quality mineral based oil, and the standard GTX is there to fill the bottom end market, so why not have the GTX 2 the up market quality choice? Surly they would see an increase in sales if the GTX range was packaged that way? What go me thinking it might be ok is it's HTHS of 4.5, but Castrol don’t tell you much else about that package other than that, and the it's now a 17 cst @ 100 as apposed to when it was a 19 cst @ 100. But looks like if you wanted to stay loyal to Castrol you would have to go in to the Formula R range for decent quality these days.
I have often wondered about the Formula R 25w 50 (GP50) but the thing that has worried me about this is it's a SG ratting, and (from what I have been led to believe) they offer very poor detergency levels and normal use over time can led to a ditty engine. Whether it be the right or wrong way of thinking, I like knowing that the of oil I'm using in my standard car engine (provide it takes the same weight), is just as good and "tuff" as the oil I would use in my V8 hobby car. A good eg: would be with Pennzoil, when I was using Pennzoil, most would have used GT performance 20w 50 in the V8 and Multi Vis 20w 50 in the standard engine. But I felt that I was dong one better for the standard engine (even thought it would never require more than conventual oil) by using it in both. Slight difference in price, but the impression of quality was far greater and they both are the same weight and ratting. This is where I feel Castrol Lets you down. to get a quality oil n there range, you have to go thinner or heavier. Theres that spot right in the middel they have forgoten about. And while 20w 50's and mineral oils are old school, there are still people using them, and there not using Castrols. I feel USA Castrol, got it right with there GTX. They kept making a quality oil out of the GTX name, and you get the impression that it's a top rate mineral oil, as to the conventual GTX 2 we have. I would like to learn more about the Formula R 25w 50. Any comments on that?
I know that GTX and the later GTX2 was well and truly not only the Performance name years ago, but even up until the mid 90's was know as the slightly more expensive oil that was far better quality than it's competitions. It seems many would feel that the Shell Helix 20w 50 (yellow) is a better buy these days. I know Castrol are very active in racing sponsor ship, but there just didn't seem to be a product that I could relate to anymore, as apposed to the old GTX days. I guess similar to what Havoline are now doing is like what Castrol back then. Push a product that is of a high quality and relates to the general public. The good old 20 50 strong enough for Racer to streeter. The name GTX was just as popular as the name Castrol. They should take a page out of history, go back and look at the popularity of the GTX's form the 70's to 90's, and re structure the GTX line up. GTX is there for the bottom end, why let GTX 2 waist away in the same category. I would like to make it clear that I'm not so much saying the product is bottom end, because perhaps it's one of the best keep secrets around and a truly underrated and under priced oil, but when people associate the likes of the Helix 20w 50 as better, then there's sales there for the taking, provide there on even technical quality terms. Take the USA's GTX products for an example. Wouldn't you think by that approach you would sell more than the current image they have. I brought this all up in a round about way with Castrol once through an email, and there biggest argument due to the lack of enthusiasm with GTX2 was that it's an out dated weight and products like GTX3 were more suited to today. But why not make it just as good as GTX3 but in the 20w 50, there for capitalising on sales currently lost! I wish someone form Castrol would see the light! As a person that believes and takes great pride in things like brand in loyalty and so on. My grandfather uses Castrol, my Father uses / used Castrol, and I have with regret been forced to leave camp and seek quality 20w 50's from the likes of Pennzoil or Shell. I wish someone form Castrol would see the light! It must be that sometimes companies get so big and to carried away in them selves, they lose sight of the simple things that matter most and work best.
Francis, it isn't all doom and gloom in dino land. Check out this Diesel UOA I posted earlier in the week for our Nissan Patrol 4.2TD using Fuchs Titan Universal HD. This is Fuchs basic diesel/mixed fleet oil, the engine cops a caning, yet the analysis result is super. Rick.
Francis no to GT Performance but yes to the Purebase SL 5W30, 10W30, and the 5W50 Performax 100 which I'm using now in the Mazda turbo. My business partner Ron in Melbourne has moved to the 15W40 Long Life for all his diesel clients and Pennzoil Gas for the forklifts all previously using Fuchs.
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