Audi Confirms (ex BMW Boss) Markus Duesmann As Its New CEO

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Apr 4, 2012
CarScoops: Former BMW Boss Markus Duesmann Is Audi's New CEO.

Audi has announced that Markus Duesmann will succeed Bram Schot as the company's new CEO on April 1, 2020.

Back in September, the first reports suggested that Duesmann, who was BMW's head of purchasing before joining the VW Group, will assume the top role over at Audi.

Bram Schot became the company's CEO following Rupert Stadler's arrest in June 2018 and he will depart the VW Group at the end of March "by best mutual agreement".

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"He took over the management of AUDI AG at a difficult time, very successfully managed the business and initiated important changes", said Herbert Diess, VW Group's Chairman, about Schot. "We expressly thank him for that."

Audi was looking for an expert in clean engines to take over in a bid to recover once and for all from the diesel emissions scandal. Duesmann is a mechanical engineer that joined BMW in 2007 from Mercedes, where he was head of powertrain for its F1 team.

Diess wanted to bring Duesmann to Audi for some time now, and the move was delayed due to BMW not wanting to release him from a non-compete clause.

"As an excellent engineer, Markus Duesmann will do everything in his power to leverage the great potential of the Audi brand and will once again demonstrate the promise of Vorsprung durch Technik", added Diess.

"We expect Markus Duesmann and his management team to ensure stable capacity utilization at the plants and to promote more courage to take the lead through technology", said Peter Mosch, Chairman of Audi's General Works Council. "We look forward to positive cooperation in the interests of the employees and the company."
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Another example of the incestuous of the automotive industry.

Yes I agree, it seems like these top brass, many of which are grossly incompetent, keep their ability to circulate around the industry, it's disgusting because plenty of these execs have proven themselves to be incompetent and destructive to the company they are with and yet they STILL get hired on at other major companies and do more damage.
Proves to me that it isn't what you know, or how well you do the job, but who you know and the connections you have and make while at exclusive universities. Despicable.
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