Audi A6 oil recommendation

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Oct 30, 2003
west virginia
I have a 2000 a6 2.7t quattro. Currently have about 59,000 miles on it. I was curious, continue using regular oil or switch to synthetic? What are the pros/cons?
Audi has never intended for these engines to run on dino oil, switch to synthetic ASAP. I'm sure there are few Audi owners that will chime in with recommendations or you can look at some Audi forums and see what S4 owners use in these engines.
I can't understand why anyone with a fine German Piece of equipment would not run a synthetic, even if it's the fake Castrol, Valvoline, Pennzoil stuff, I would do it, BTW, what are the drain intervals called for in the owners manual, I would bet it's at least 7500 to 10K miles.
Check out PaJohn's UOAs in the Used Oil Analysis section from his S4. He's had good luck with both Amsoil 0w-30 and Mobil1 0w-40. I'd definitely recommend synthetic oil in a turbo application as the oil gets really hot and tends to coke in the turbo cooling lines. Synthetic is less likely to do this.
You are going to want to use a very light oil in that car! The reason is the oil feed lines to the turbos are very small. Thick oil can't circulate fast enough and starvation can do bad things for the turbos. To replace the turbos (yes two) means dropping the engine and about 5-7000 bucks! Use a gentle warm up cycle and avoid lots of turbos boost untill oil temp hits about 175 degrees A short cool down idle is also helpfull after hard running. It is really bad to stop at a rest stop on the highway and turn the motor off without a minute or two of idleing to cool thigs off. Audi made the oil passages bigger in the 2001-1/2 model year. This helped but still thin oil. My S4 only uses M1 0w40 and I don't go the 10,000 that Audi states. Fine car deserves fine treatment!
Aircooled knows his shyt. I can't believe the dealer services these cars with dino and lets customers go around with dino in their turbo cars. One thing to think about is that turbo-diesels go on HDEO dino oil, if he used that I'd say ok, except cold climates. Anyway, get synth. M1 30 weight is a lil light, even for the smaller k-03 turbo lines, I'd recommend at least Castrol Syntec 5w-30 that says ACEA A5, a middleweight 30. Only $3.75q in big jugs at WalMart. Audi and BMW = Castrol Mercedes and Corvette = Mobil 1 If you find the German Castrol 0w-30 (CG) at AutoZone you will be VERY happy you used it. 6000-8000 miles intervals depending on oil quality, in my opinion. Twice a year changes is better than checking the miles, 6 months apart. I've owned 12 Audis and my good friend owns a Bosch Service Center, trust me -you need synth in that car. [ November 01, 2003, 01:11 AM: Message edited by: TSoA ]
I'd recommend the Amsoil 0w-30 for these VW/Audi turbos ...I've seen some excellent results in these motors with the Series 2000 oil. You should be able to run the maximum drain interval recommended,which I believe is 10,000 miles. Tooslick Dixie Synthetics
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