Attention Amsoil Reps

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Jan 15, 2006
How come I can`t get any Amsoil reps to take a look at my uoa? It is under 04 Toyota camry uoa. On the uoa site.
If I'm not mistaken, you've already contacted Terry Dyson and rec'd his read on your UOA. IMHO, you're not going to get better advice from any Amsoil reps. Not a bash against Amsoil reps, but oil analysis is Terry's business, and he knows his stuff.
and good luck with the Camry.
I'll check it out.

I've commented. If you need my attention, PM works pretty good. I wish your dealer was one of the site reps.

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Triple Se7en
I went thru Amsoil direct.Sorry Iam not to good on computers, or these forums, but more of this under uoa forum,04 toyota camry uoa.

Bully and others - when you buy direct from the Amsoil website without entering through a dealer's site such as mine , you are automatically assigned a dealer until you move or some long period of time and hassle passes. Typically the closest by zip code, and typically the closest T-1 dealer. So some joker that has provided no support for Bully got credit. To me that stinks.
Pablo, it is the Amsoil way...

But your point is good, if we want support, we should support the sponsers here.
Well, I guess if someone orders direct from AMSOIL, I'd rather see a dealer who has become T-1 Certified get credit for the sale than have the company hold the sale as a "house account".

And if the new customer doesn't provide a referral number, the company has no idea that someone may have referred him.
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