att is trying to screw me

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Aug 24, 2008
ks, wichita
last spring i made the mistake of ordering u-verse from ATT. i called the next day and canceled. now now they think i still owe them money. i talked to them last week, and was told it would take 4 weeks to fix the trouble. what to do?
As we speak we are having a problem with Direct TV. They installed the wrong box on one of the TV's and it never worked. They now want $100 to put the right box in!!! It was their mistake in the first place. My prayers are with you because it is a nightmare. Talk to a supervisor, demand it.
Keep calling and talk to higher ups. AT&T is working to buy T-Mobile and create a virtual monopoly and increase prices across the board.
start talking legal measures, dont "loose it" with them but be firm. write everything down, log all calls, content, dates etc....spk with managers, get their names...just be organised and on it! good luck!
Wow they claim this many months later??? I too TRIED to subscribe to ATT DSL this past March but they never came to repair my NIC box after repeated calls and I never actually had active service with them. Finally in disgust I called to cancel a few days after placing the order. They put the order in for the cancellation. I figured there would never be a problem that far out so I of course DID NOT hold onto the cancellation confirmation!!! I hope I don't have the same issue with them. Good luck, if you were lucky you held on to the information and work order number of the cancellation. ATT is the worst.
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For 4 years I have had ATT DSL. When we bought the house we currently live in, I had the service switched. On the day the service switched over, I couldnt get the internet set up and called a tech. The wiring in the house was to old to support DSL and would have had to been upgraded. I declined and called the next day and cancelled as we dont need a home phone, and I ordered internet through Comcast. The final bill came in (even marked "FINAL BILL" and I paid it, the charges for the tech that came out were on there too. 3 Months later I end up with another bill, so I called them. The CS Rep I spoke with couldnt even find why I was being billed, my account showed as cancelled with the final bill paid, so that was written off. Every so often ATT would tack on an extra $20 or so that wasnt explained in the charge itemization, I would call and they couldnt find where the charge came from and would knock it off. I figure it was just a fishing attempt and could be written off if the customer noticed and explained away as a mistake.
let's hope ATT does not buy t-mobile. t-mobile has been a great prepaid cell phone service for me for 7-8 years now. If I get stuck with ATT after a t-mobile buy out,if they mess with t-mobile prepaid plan, I may go elsewhere.
AT&T has to be one of the most disorganized, poorly run consumer companies out there. Depending on who you talk to, you get a different answer, and most of the time they are of no help. I also love it when I get to speak to the tech support rep with the Indian accent named Michael or Joe.
It just goes to show you that you should generally hold onto work orders from these companies so that if there is an issue in the future you have an original record of things and references numbers from the items in question. They can't deny them since it is likely they do stay in their system for a long time.
yeap. I have AT&T Wireless 7 years ago for less than 1 month. I don't like it and told them to close the account. They didn't. The bill statement came for 2 months and I have to go to the main att store to close it. My buddy also have att for 6 years. He make payment on time, and didn't own any money. AT&T early phone upgrade policy is not good. He have to wait 24 months. not good.
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last spring i made the mistake of ordering u-verse from ATT. i called the next day and canceled. now now they think i still owe them money. i talked to them last week, and was told it would take 4 weeks to fix the trouble. what to do?
Next time you call, ask to be transferred to the 'customer retention dept'. When connected, ask for their direct number to bypass the phone tree. Keep a log of confirmation #'s, names, etc. on your 'fuser that you can refer to in the future. If you're not satisfied with the person in CRD, politely end the call and call back to get someone else. You'll have much better luck. To take it further, call your states public utility commission and file a complaint. They wield a much bigger hammer as the phone co is a state regulated utility.
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