ATF for 2019 1.4L VW Jetta with 8 speed trans

May 14, 2022
I have an 8-speed Aisin trans in a 2019 Jetta 1.4L that will need a full fluid fill. The G053001A2 is the current recommended fluid for this trans but it's really pricey. I have a liter of Ravenol T-WS Lifetime fluid (G055540A2 spec) and liter of Ravenol T-IV fluid (G055025A2 spec, replaced by T-WS Lifetime) on the shelf previously purchased for a 2013 Jetta with the 6-speed Aisin trans. Are these two fluids close enough to use on my current 2019 Jetta? I know it's only two quarts but it'll save me $50. And $50 is $50. I don't know much about the 8-speed Aisin in this 2019 except that it is new to the Jetta in 2019 and it's used by some other manufacturers as well.
I don't think I'd use either, from the Ravenol recommendations for the car it looks like it uses AW-2 fluid which is a ULV fluid, I'm not sure how advisable it is to run LV fluid like t-ws or full viscosity fluid like t-iv in it's place, but I don't think I would, especially while the car is still under warranty.
Thanks guys. I was hoping something would be compatible but if not I'll just buy the current recommended fluid.
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When did this transmission first come out? :unsure:

Aisin/Toyota transmissions usually aren't picky, and there are some ULV fluids out. More ATF options will become available as more Aisin 8-speeds that use ULV are old enough to need the fluid changed.
Looks like there may be a new super duper ULV fluid Toyota is using in the TNGA cars for the new 8-speed transverse and 10-speed longitudinal(think Lexus RWD/3rd gen Tundra/LC 300 Series) units. Toyota is still stocking ATF WS AFAIK. Someone with access to TIS will need to look at the New Car Features propaganda for the 2018-current Camry/Lexus LS, the 2020-current Corolla/ES/RAV4 and the 2021/2022 Tundra/NX under powertrain.

Aisin usually doesn’t make one-off chemicals a thing. It would be foolish of them to spec a totally different fluid just for VW.